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Coaching and Mentoring with the Power of NLP

Date: 23rd Feb 2019
Location: Waterloo, Central London


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Andy Coley
Email: andy@beyondtrainingsolutions.com
Phone: 023 92449 616


A unique and inspiring workshop which will show you how you can utilise Neuro-Linguistic Programming to improve and learn new coaching and mentoring skills, help people to own their own outcomes and guide them through the tricky patches in life.

Bring NLP coaching into your leadership and see the impact it has!

Whether you're new to coaching or an experienced coach that would like to enhance your existing skills, this workshop will be ideal for you.

Join Global Quality International NLP Trainers, Andy Coley and Jo Wilson, to find out how Neuro-Linguistic Programming can make a difference to your coaching, mentoring and leadership skills.

Learn how to enhance your existing communication and conversation skills, enabling your clients, colleagues, patients, friends and family to take control of their situation and feel empowered for the future.

No previous experience as a coach or mentor?

That's OK, our day is perfect for those who have no formal coaching and mentoring experience or qualifications and yet have a real interest in helping people get inspired to make changes, realise the steps they need to make and take ownership of those steps and the change process.

NLP & Clean Language are a really effective set of tools to help guide other people towards an outcome they'd like to have happen, and the great thing is that they usually already know how to get there!

Are you already experienced in managing and mentoring a team? Maybe you are working with patients or as a coach?

Or perhaps you offer some other form of holistic approach for the mind & body...?

As experienced NLP Trainers we are taking some of the key components of our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses and showing you how you can use these to enhance your existing skills and unlock the potential in the people you are talking to every day.

NLP & Clean Language are superb methodologies and when used for the outcome of the client/patient they can accelerate the changes that they wish to accomplish.

This is a 100% content-crammed day and we will be letting you know some more about our NLP training so you can take what you learn on the day even further

This high impact workshop will immediately give you new skills to help people move forward for only £29

This is also a fantastic opportunity to enhance your continuous personal development with certificates of attendance available.

Find out more at: http://powerofnlpforyou.beyondtrainingsolutions.com


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