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Date: 29th - 30th Mar 2019
Location: DUBAI


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Arul Subramaniam
Email: arul@masteryourself.in
Phone: +91 93800 77555


MASTER YOURSELF WITH NLP - a two day NLP Foundation Program that helps you rediscover yourself. 


Do you wish to learn how 

- to channelise your thinking, language and behaviours to achieve what you want in life 

- to build trust and rapport in your personal and professional life. 

- to understand your unconscious patterns and how to program them the way you want

- to inspire self and others

- to manage your emotions 

and a lot more. 


Whether you want to learn NLP for your personal development or to become an NLP Professional, this foundation course is the first step. This program can be a gamechanger for you - whether you are manager, leader, entrepreneur, parent, student, teacher, engineer or any working professional! 

For more details please visit www.masteryourself.in 


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