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Claire Helen Sambolino

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Practice/Training LocationsMilan Italy
Surrey (UK)


I specialise in Business and Health Coaching.

I am a Certified NLP Practitioner registered with The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) and a qualified Dietary Educator and professional member of the Federation for Holistic Therapists (FHT).

With over 12 yrs experience in multi-national food companies I come from a background of business marketing which I now apply to Business Coaching. Areas I coach include management skills, team building, presentation skills, communication skills, dealing with difficult people, beliefs and values, state management….

I blend health coaching and dietary education to coach on general Health & Well being, lifestyle and diet changes, weight management, health goals, fitness goals and stress management.

I am based in Milan and offer coaching by telephone or online (via skype) and via the dedicated platform which connects clients with wellness experts worldwide.

I also see clients in the UK (surrey area) in fixed periods of the year. See www.claire for details of upcoming UK dates.

I offer coaching in English and Italian.


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