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Hypnosis Trainer's Training in the UK

Date: 18th - 22nd Jul 2019
Location: Central London


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Infinite Excellence/ Colette White
Email: colette@infiniteexcellence.com
Phone: 08000 433 657


Become a world class Hypnosis Trainer– UK Based Training (5 Days)

Our hands–on accelerated Hypnosis Trainer's Training course teaches you to be an outstanding, excellent Hypnosis Trainer by providing you with the skills, capabilities and experience to stand up confidently and competently in front of groups, delivering your training with ease, expertise and authority.

Your own understanding and experience of trance will take your personal development to another level allowing you to excel personally and professionally, and aiding others to do the same.

If you have a passion for Hypnosis and want to teach others to be Hypnotherapists and Master Hypnotherapists/ Practitioners and Master Practitioners of Hypnosis and take your career or your own personal development to the next level join us at this course.

Why attend this course?

How good would it be if you could:

  • Start a new business in Hypnotherapy/ Hypnosis
  • Expand your existing Hypnotherapy/ Hypnosis practice
  • Take your own personal development to another level
  • Learn how to perform Stage Hypnosis
  • Expand your own experience of trance and how to use the mind for effective results
  • Use trance training techniques to increase the effective learning experience of your students


What this course gives you:

  • How to induce trance with groups 
  • How to train others to be excellent Hypnotherapists and Master Hypnotherapists/ Practitioners and Master Practitioners of Hypnosis
  • How to train others effectively and safely in a comprehensive range of hypnosis approaches from indirect permissive to direct authoritarian
  • How to design and deliver a range of hypnosis courses
  • Learn and use rapid trance induction techniques
  • Learn and perform Stage Hypnosis
  • How to use Stage Hypnosis to increase students’ learning and experience of the Unconscious Mind for success
  • Design and use post hypnotic suggestions
  • How to experience deep trance and leverage your own experience to create excellent and effective trainings with others
  • How to market your trainings


How this course works:

Before attending the course you will receive a pre-study pack including 8 CDS and required pre-course reading.

Completing the pre-study means that time in class is focused on practical learning on how to teach Hypnosis to others professionally and safely.

For more details please contact us at info@infiniteexcellence.com or 0800 0433 657

You can also discover more about this course here:





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