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Advanced Coaching Skills with NLP

Date: 14th - 15th Sep 2019
Location: Russell Square, London


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Darren Shaw
Email: darrenvshaw@yahoo.com
Phone: +44 7534 945253


It’s been over a year since I last did a coaching skills class in London. I took a break from teaching to go away and do some learning around the world with my international community and now I’m back with a brand new series of Workshops and masterclasses. The forthcoming workshops are aimed at those of you who value mastery of skills that underpin effective coaching and changework psychology.

This 2-day weekend course is where you can practice key skills that can enhance your effectiveness and efficiency as a coach, communications professional, mentor, leader, manager. or general personal development.

So whether you are new to coaching/NLP or you’re a certified professional, join me for 2 days of back to back practice groups, co-coaching in pairs and groups, philosophical discussions around coaching tools, NLP technique practice, funny stories about my adventures in South East Asia, tea/coffee and biscuits.

I am a master practitioner and trainer of NLP with a BSc in Psychology from Birkbeck. I am a training consultant and freelancer, specialising in working for government funded training providers in hard to reach communities. I have been training people of low socioeconomic means in order to give them the skills they need to move towards employment and business ownership. I founded the Birkbeck Psychological Society in 2011, which I led until 2015 after graduating and leaving to apply psychology to real-world applications.

(Both days include a coaching skills focus)


Saturday 14th September 2019

Modelling excellence

If you work with people professionally, in any capacity, and your role needs you to communicate effectively in order to increase your effectiveness or efficiency, then you need to pay attention to a lot more than the content of what people say.

This day of training will cover the key tenants of modelling other people’s behaviour so you can either adopt some of their excellence or be more in tune with how they see the world, which is very useful if you wish to maximise your communication.


What to expect:

  • An introduction to Neuro-linguistic programming, an approach to modelling subjective experience
  • Demonstrations of client work/advanced communication skills
  • Multiple opportunities to practice skills with others in a safe space
  • If you are a certified NLP practitioner, the opportunity to practice with others
  • Coaching towards your personal/professional goals
  • Physical handout to guide you through all processes.

September 15th 2019

Presentation & Public speaking: the anxiety component and the skills uncovered

The subject of anxiety was my research interest whilst doing my psychology undergrad and much of the underlying mechanics of how anxiety affects performance whilst doing public speaking explains why people many people struggle with a presentation. Learn how this works and can be helped in a coaching context as I guide the group through a series of exercises aimed at upskilling you to be an even more effective speaker.


What to expect:

  • An introduction to general anxiety mechanisms involved in giving talks.
  • Demonstrations of the psychological processes I use whilst delivering talks
  • Multiple opportunities to practice skills with others
  • If you are a certified NLP practitioner, the opportunity to practice coaching
  • Coaching towards your personal/professional goal of being a better public speaker
  • Physical handout to guide you through all processes.
  • Q&A session where you can model how an effective speaker does what they do


I have facilitated over 200 workshops in and around London, most recently been collaborating with speakers in the Philippines and the Netherlands to create a model of how to effectively engage audiences in a way that leaves an impression for life. I am a regular speaker and presenter at the International NLP conference, speaking on subjects such as transferable skills and NLP modelling.

Some of you might know that I am also a multiple award-nominated MC/rapper at the weekends, where I use my stage confidence in a different context where I must communicate with to up to 15,000 people simultaneously and hold their attention.



Monticello House, 45 Russell Square

London, WC1B 4JP


This air-conditioned venue has natural daylight and is ideally situated in Russell Square, Bloomsbury, which is considered to be the academic and cultural heart of London.



Underground stations: Russell Square (Piccadilly line) and Holborn (Piccadilly and Central lines)

Mainline rail station: Euston, where the Victoria line runs, is also close by.

Buses: There are paid car parking spots in the area.


Time: 10-5pm

Advance tickets: £160 for both days

(Saturday or Sunday only £99)


  • Every attendee receives a phone call a month before the session from our speakers, just to say hello and make an introduction in advance.
  • You will be provided with all the relevant handouts, please bring your own pen.
  • If you require a certificate of attendance, please ask in advance


For more information or queries please email darren@thedarrenshaw.co.uk

or text/WhatsApp(no calls): 07534945253


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Licensed Practitioner of NLP
Licensed Practitioner of NLP(TM), Paros island, Greece, 22-29 September 2019

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