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Diane Oxborough

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Phone Number01298 72907
Practice/Training LocationsI have private practices based in Chesterfield, Buxton and New Mills. They are within easy reach of the surrounding areas. Clients often come and see me from;

Cheshire: Alderley Edge, Congleton, Poynton, Wilmslow
Derbyshire: Ashbourne, Bakewell, Buxton, Chesterfield, Dronfield, Glossop, Matlock
Greater Manchester: Stockport
Nottinghamshire: Mansfield, Worksop
South Yorkshire: Rotherham, Sheffield
Staffordshire: Leek

I am an experienced therapist, performance coach and trainer specialising in stress management.

I work with people who want to overcome unwanted ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. My clients are individuals who want to take action, move forward and bring about significant change.

For private clients who wish to work with me on a one-to-one basis, I run established practices in Chesterfield and Buxton, Derbyshire. In therapy, I am qualified to employ a wide-range of approaches including NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Using these methods, common issues I assist clients to overcome include: negative emotions (such as anxiety, panic, guilt and phobias), stress-related challenges (such as sleep problems, IBS and high blood pressure), and issues relating to confidence and/or self-esteem. In addition, many clients come and work with me to stop smoking as this can be achieved easily in just one session.

Most clients come to me by recommendation now. As I also offer Breakthrough Sessions (intensive sessions that mean clients need only see me for one day to make profound and rapid changes), clients from all over the UK choose to travel to work with me.

Performance Coaching is effective both in person or by telephone. Again, this means those who want to do coaching with me can do so regardless of where they are based.

My training courses and workshops are available to members of the general public. Due to ever-increasing demand, I continue to run my established and highly recommended ‘Relaxation & Meditation’ training courses. Attend this course and you will learn effective and practical applications for stress reduction, well-being and life enhancement.

I offer a 15% discount to members of the NHS Foundation Trust. Discounted fees apply to individuals booking blocks of 4 or more therapy or coaching sessions, and 'early booking' discounts are available for all courses and workshops.

I also work with organisations that wish to support employees in reducing stress, improving communication; therefore increasing productivity and effectiveness. Clients include the NHS, Shaw Trust and Connexions.

If you’re interested to see what other clients have to say about the results of working with me, here you’ll a find a small selection of my testimonials. As I respect the privacy of my clients and guarantee confidentiality, I have removed their personal details.
TESTIMONIALS: Private Clients (Therapy)

“I have a better understanding of myself and what I want to achieve with my life, I am far more positive and I actually like myself, I feel good and have more energy. My friends and family can also see the change and cannot believe the difference… I would certainly recommend you to others.”

“When I contacted Diane I was at my lowest. I had no life; I couldn’t go out, couldn’t do things with my family. I could not even take my daughter to school. No-one wanted to know. Phoning Diane was my last hope. As soon as I spoke to Diane I knew she understood and would help me. I must admit, I felt so bad I didn’t think it would work. But I needed to get better no matter what; I had no life, so I trusted Diane and she gave me my life back. [The Breakthrough Session] was the best thing I’ve ever done. The first day I walked my daughter to school I felt on top of the world, she was so happy. I’ve never looked back. I am more positive than ever before. I’ve been everywhere! I have my life back. I even went to New York! I never think about before – I’m back to me and it’s amazing. Thank you, Diane, it will never be enough for what you did for me.”

“I had smoked heavily for 15 years. Although I knew the risks associated with smoking I still enjoyed it… after several failed attempts I decided to go and see Diane… Throughout the session I felt completely in control… The session enabled me to think differently towards smoking… Since the session I haven’t touched a cigarette and haven’t had the urge to smoke since that day… I highly recommend Diane to anyone who is serious about quitting smoking.”

“I consulted my GP because I was having problems with chest pains and breathlessness. His diagnosis was stress and I tried anti-depressants but they caused terrible problems with side effects. My GP provided your contact details. I must confess that I had doubts about hypnotherapy, but the first consultation dispelled these. I found that I could relax. The technique was simple but very effective. I felt so good and I found later that I would enjoy equally good results at home. I am much clearer and have become more positive in my thinking and outlook on life.”

“For the previous 20 years before seeing Diane, I’d had an aversion to driving a car. I’d battled with it unsuccessfully on and off over the years and come to a stage where I needed to tackle the situation once and for all. Having never done anything like this before, I was unsure if I would actually gain anything from the process and if it would work for me. In reality, I achieved everything I had wanted and more. The pre-session tasks were simple and very effective. The session itself was quite easy, relaxed and insightful and the post-session support was of great help. Working with Diane is such a positive and rewarding experience; I overcame a fear of driving and within a very short time I am now able to drive confidently and calmly on a daily basis and this has meant many aspects of my life have changed for the better.”

“I have a different perspective on life and can look at things objectively… The session has made me a much happier more content person who can finally think about people and the past in a different light.”

“Diane was very kind and helpful to me at a time when I was desperate to find a way of coping with my nerves prior to going into hospital. My operation was delayed because of my blood pressure soaring due to anxiety. Diane helped me to calm down and lower my blood pressure. I am now recovering after undergoing the operation successfully and I am very grateful to Diane for her help and guidance.”

“The positive nature of a breakthrough and the assistance with moving forward is fast and very rewarding. Diane has helped me to break through barriers in my life that I felt were stopping me from getting where I wanted to be… Allowed me to realise how easy it is to get rid of negative patterns and be free to achieve the goals I wanted. I feel absolutely confident about myself and definitely have a better relationship with the people around me following the session. I now feel a fantastic renewed sense of myself and have the sense of calm that I knew was important to me. [Diane’s] support before, during and after the breakthrough session was first-rate and this makes the investment in myself all the more worthwhile. I am very excited about my future and I know the benefits of working with Diane are with me everyday”

“I felt from the word ‘go’ this process was going to work. I have stopped nibbling between meals and my weight loss so far is 20 lbs. I feel more relaxed and happy with myself as a person.”
TESTIMONIALS: Workshops & Trainings (Various)

“This course was excellent… Diane made the course fun, interesting and has a lot of knowledge… I feel healthy, calm and more positive about the future.”

“Interesting and informative, combining practical skills and theoretical knowledge… a wide subject area in compact, applicable parts… each week provided new information that was logical and a progression from the previous week… I have gained new knowledge, understanding and insight and have been able to use new skills on my own and in sessions with others… Excellent! Thanks, Diane.”

“Well presented, interesting, thought provoking, stimulating with enough material to keep my self-development rolling for years. A great course to take part in!”

“A truly empowering experience! Diane has excellent knowledge and is great at putting across simply what might otherwise be complex”.

“Enjoyable, useful, meaningful… Genuinely helpful for anxiety reduction and stress reduction… I will continue to use what I have learnt. Thank You.”

“[This course] wasn’t something I would normally do but it was a gift… amazing! The best present I ever had!”

“Lots of powerful material, well presented, open and informative. I would certainly recommend you and participate in the course again.”

“Enlightening, empowering, life changing - this course is truly worth attending.”

“Diane is an exceptional coach. She has the ability to put you at your ease and free you to tackle your greatest challenges. She had the intuitive knack of asking me exactly the right question with precision timing. Throughout the time we worked together, she has enabled me to push the limits I thought I had on my capabilities and to achieve things I formerly thought were unattainable. My business productivity has increased, alongside a phenomenal confidence to succeed. The effects of Diane's coaching have stretched well beyond the time we worked together and beyond the scope of the coaching focus we had. I didn't realize just how much I needed coaching until I had it. The best decision I have ever made, and I am receiving her fee back time and again with the new business that I have generated. In addition there are a range of intangibles associated with a greater sense of purpose and a heightened decision-making capability.”

“I did not know what to expect but was amazed at my very quick and immediate results… you helped me believe in myself again and get back to the thought that ‘I can’ master and control my life. Thanks, Diane.”

“Coaching with Diane was very effective and, even by simply talking through my areas for development with Diane, I was quite surprised at how positive this made me feel. Particularly with regards to my performance in meetings and presentations, this enabled me to put my fears aside and now, if I’ve got something to say, I just say it. I applied for a promotion at work that included giving a presentation and I got the job! The coaching helped me to realise that speaking up in meetings isn’t the big deal that I thought it was. I still get a bit nervous sometimes but I now believe that whatever I have got to say is worth being heard. I have received superb feedback from colleagues and directors at work about my performance. Diane was very flexible in her approach with me and this was very helpful.”

“Diane helped me through one of the greatest challenges of my life, a qualification that I had believed for many years was beyond me, that it was something only very smart people were able to achieve. She coached, fed back, agreed action, fed back and stretched me every inch of the way. She did it with great skill, patience, integrity, warmth and love. I am a changed person for the experience. Thank you Diane.”
TESTIMONIALS: Business Training (Various)

“Excellent day - Fascinating content, well presented and inspired me.”

“An excellent insight into NLP and much ‘food for thought’ – a great day, indepth at the appropriate level and excellently delivered. Diane has an indepth knowledge in this subject and connects it to our professional and personal lives.”

“It has been great learning different ways to deal with situations. I’ve learnt it is important to respect that everyone is different and being able to see situations through someone else’s eyes. I now know I can feel calm within myself – ‘There’s no failure, only feedback’ – I can stop beating myself up with that ‘big stick’.

“This course made me think about the way I handle situations. I now have an understanding of how to apply being in rapport with another person.”

“Not at all what I expected but I rate it highly. Interesting and very useful. This course is very useful for anyone working in stressful situations. I have gained some easy to adapt techniques that I can use in all areas of my life.”

“Very enjoyable. A varied day helping myself and the team learn new techniques and raising awareness – this will also help me support my staff. I now recognise how much we already do and now have techniques to improve what we do. A very good day to apply to both work and personal life. The content of the day was pitched at just the right level and pace. Thank you very much, Diane”

“It was amazing! [Diane] is very interesting and holds your attention. I got all the help I need for immediate impact on my life. The breathing exercises made me feel great – I will use them all the time. Thank you for the best course I have ever done!”
If you’d like to find out more about my services, discuss your requirements and see how I can best assist you, simply call me on 01298 72907.


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