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Eileen Connelly

Membership LevelProfessional Member
Phone Number07884333025
Practice/Training LocationsNeuro Therapies Clinic
Church Lawton
n.b. Staffordshire border

A 'Breakthrough' NLP Master Coach Consultant.

Having run a successful clinic for six years in New Zealand I am now based in Cheshire within a tranquil, calm, private room in Cheshire in the UK. In 2013 I relocated back to the UK from New Zealand where I gained valuable experiences of implementing NLP with authenticity. At my clinic in NZ I wanted to help people and so I was privileged to guide lost and shocked people, who had been caught up in the traumatic Christchurch earthquake with Post Traumatic Stress. It was also in New Zealand, where I learned from my Masters the arts of meditation and Qigong.

Wanted: Nervous and unhappy people, stressed people, I'd like to help you. Why not contact me right now...wouldn't it be amazing if I helped you out of your problem? Who is in an 'unhappy place' ? Know hope....

See yourself in a bright and calm space in life....

Let me send you home with some new mind set skills and a reasonable solution to enjoy your life.

Now based in Church Lawton, Cheshire.


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