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How to make your life wonderful

Date: 7th Mar 2020
Location: Bristol


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Elizabeth M Pritchard
Email: elizabeth8@zeteticmind.com
Phone: +44 (0) 7796 048755


How to make your life wonderful


“Oh Elizabeth, I tell everyone about you! - You played a large part in me having the wonderful life I now have.’’ Kathryn Farrell, Cornwall

Your life is a wonderful one time only opportunity.

Are you making the most of it? Would you like to learn how? Elizabeth has worked internationally with people in business, sport, the arts, charity and the public sector, and will show you the skills you need to improve your personal and professional life, dramatically.

"She will help you feel comfortable and reach success.’’ Helen Peter, Teacher

We all get ourselves into situations that are less than perfect. Elizabeth Pritchard is one of Europe's top personal strategists, just the person to help you get back on track.

Do you ever ask yourself if there's more to life?
How are your relationships with the people you care about?
Are you facing a big decision, or putting it off?
Do you worry about coping financially?

Why do some people seem to thrive in life? Is it their personality, good luck, a mysterious gift or a simple way of looking at life that you can learn?

Elizabeth will teach you how to make your personal and working life successful, on your own terms.

“On a personal level it has resolved relationships issues which had burdened my life for over 30 years.’’ Tina Chapman, Chair local Sure Start programme

Our one day workshop launches your personal strategy. You'll come away feeling better, having learned skills which will help you improve your life. We guarantee that. If you get to lunchtime and feel that it's not what you need, then we'll refund you, shake hands and wave goodbye. But we're happy to say that this hasn't happened yet.

You'll learn to pinpoint what you really want, not just what's expected of you.
You'll listen to the song in your heart.
(Don't worry, you don't have to sing.)
You'll tune in to your real feelings, and learn how important they are.
You'll see relationships from a new perspective.
You'll discover what it is that's crucial to your own success.

"Elizabeth is marvellous. Her one day course is full of warmth and enthusiasm, as well as sound useful skills." Sarah McCartney, 4160 Tuesdays.

What happens?
It's an active learning day; everyone joins in. You'll be working on your own personal strategy, unusually in groups of two or three. But it's enjoyable and supportive. You'll have fun, but no one makes fun of you. By the end of the day, you'll have your own personal strategy, and you'll know how to use it.

Is it for you?
If what we've said so far intrigues you, do get in touch. Elizabeth is always happy to talk first.  You can call her on 07796 048755.

Price: £197 including tea and coffee - email elizabeth8@zeteticmind.com

”Thank you so much for all your teachings, I would not be who I am today without them.’’Diane Paradise, Australia


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