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Identity By Design - Trainer's Training

Date: 29th - 30th Nov 2019
Location: Old Park Meadow, Coppice Ln, North End, Dunmow CM6 3PL


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Emma McNally
Email: emma.mcnally@achieveyourgreatness.co.uk
Phone: 01245 658323


If you would like to be licensed to train our Identity By Design material, then our 5 day Trainer's Training is the next step for you (if you are already an NLP Practitioner or have similar training experience).

Identity by Design is a program that helps you to discover your true identity and how to carry this forward into your life, helping you adjust to whatever situation you are faced with, as you move forward.


On the Identity By Design course, participants learn how to:


  • Recognise the difference between Identity and roles

  • Redefine Identity

  • Learn from your past

  • Recognise the difference between goals vs experience

  • Learn the 7 steps to discover your Core Identity

  • Integrate this into all areas of your life

  • Apply new strategies to move through change with confidence.

If you want to train this material, then the 5 day Trainer's Training course will provide you with all the necessary tools and skills to enable you to successfully deliver Identity by Design to either groups or individuals.

UK dates:

  • 29th and 30th November,

  • 1st and 2nd December 

  • 4th January 2020

  • Investment = £1500 including lifetime licence fee.

NB. Identity By Design is an international collaboration between Emma McNally (UK) and Lynn Robinson (Canada)


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