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Language & Behaviour Profiling® (LAB) Practitioner

Date: 7th - 9th May 2019
Location: Leicestershire


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Ian Clarke
Email: ian@workforcesolutions.group
Phone: 01455241204


Language & Behaviour Profiling® (LAB) Practitioner

Learn how to profile through conversation and communicate with impact

Want to avoid miscommunication with your audience and attain a new level of understanding when working with people and teams?


If you work with individuals and teams and are curious about improving productivity and relationships in your role you will want to apply the most accurate and granular communication tools available. 


When: May 7th, 8th & 9th 2019 Where: Leicester Forest Rugby Club, Leicester.


In this three-day interactive programme, you will learn language triggers and motivation patterns behind the words people use and how to elicit them so you can improve business performance. 


Key Learning:

1.    Complete LAB profiles and interpret how people think

2.    Identify people’s values and criteria to know what is really important to them

3.    Understand how to speak to people with different patterns, e.g. those who want to avoid problems vs those who prefer a goal orientation

4.    Increase your impact with an audience

5.    Solve conflicts between people

6.    Identify the language needed to reduce resistance to change


 Accredited by Success Strategies & Workforce Solutions


 Cost £600 ex Vat


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