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NLP Master Practitioner

Date: 24th - 26th May 2019
Location: Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Ian McDermott
Email: info@itsnlp.com
Phone: 01268 777125



  • How to operate at the level of beliefs, values and identity and make real and lasting change.
  • Achieve a truly current sense of yourself, where you want to be going and what matters most to you now.
  • Discover how to install new beliefs which will free you and those you care about from the limitations of the past.


  • Learn modelling skills to allow you to duplicate the successes of the most effective people in your field.
  • Discover how to communicate to your other-than-conscious at the deepest level and create change in the areas that you may previously have found difficult to shift.
  • Understand your own hierarchy of values and how it may differ from other people’s so you can lead, influence and assist others far more effectively.


  • Begin to achieve real mastery in NLP by developing conceptual, analytical, observational and interactive skills.
  • Develop personal congruence and enhance professional competency.
  • Learn fundamental systemic change tools that impact behaviour and resolve difficult conflicts..


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