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An Introduction to Coaching and NLP

Date: 15th Jun 2019
Location: London Marriott Hotel Kensington


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Ian McDermott
Email: info@itsnlp.com
Phone: 01268 777125


You will leave this one day workshop with practical tools and techniques that you can put to use immediately for yourself and others.

You will have explored:

  • Driving forces behind human behaviour.
  • Impacting human and business potential.
  • Understanding how people think differently and how you can recognise and use this information.
  • Improving the effectiveness of your communication and relationship skills.
  • Making real and lasting change.
  • Applying coaching skills in your everyday life.
  • Engaging with people to get the best out of them, in a way that is empowering for both of you.
  • Increasing the range of choices and possibilities available to you.
  • Managing yourself to be in control of challenging and stressful situations and relationships.
  • Getting more of what you want out of life, being your best self – and helping others to do the same.
  • Essential principles and skills that make NLP & Coaching such powerful tools for enabling change and maximising human performance.
  • Differences and commonalities between NLP & Coaching, and what each could do for you.
  • Next steps for your personal and professional development that allow you to grow in a way that matters to you.


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