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NLP Practitioner

Date: 10th - 15th Nov 2019
Location: Devon


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Ian Pitchford
Email: ian@amind4adventure.com
Phone: 07976 281927


Continue lifes journey with A Mind 4 Adventure in a voyage of self discovery, unlocking the secrets of communication and finding out the mechanics of what makes you and others tick.

The course is delivered by Ian Pitchford an Accredited Trainer of NLP and Devon Regional Ambassador for the ANLP https://anlp.org/member/ian-pitchford

Learn how to build rapport with others, discover the deeper meaning of language, unlock how to anchor positive resourceful states.

Whether it's for making you a more confident manager, a happier mum, a truly awesome public speaker, the ultimate life coach this course is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about NLP.

For full details of this Association for NLP (ANLP) accredited course, please go to:



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