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Ian Pitchford

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Phone Number07976 281927
Practice/Training LocationsI live in the South West and deliver all over the UK and Europe. Although Devon is the county I choose to deliver much of my NLP training in.

I also work as a personal development coach, with individuals, teams and organisations.

I work in a variety of locations including Bath, Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter, Yeovil, Taunton, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire,Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Lancashire, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Thomas Gordon, 11th Apr 2019

I recently completed my NLP Practitioner training with Ian. I met Ian early in my career, so it's fair to say i knew what to expect, and Ian didn't fail to deliver.

The 6 day course was fully immersive, intense and enlightening. It's taken me awhile to process the experience, you cover a lot, and when you go back to real life it really starts sinking in.

I highly recommend Ian, the course he runs and his teaching style.

Shona Penberthy, 24th Jul 2018

I attended Ian’s NLP practitioner course in June and I am still reflecting on my experience to date.
I attended the course because I wanted to make a difference in my own life and to other lives around me.

At the start of the week, I quickly learnt to ditch my comfort zone and enjoy the experience in a new environment that offered plenty of new opportunities. Our small group of 6 quickly built a level of trust and openness which made it easy to share anything we felt comfortable with.

At a time in my life when a lot of change was happening in my personal life. I recognised how much choice I have and saying that, a lot more opportunities have arisen. For the first time, I am putting myself first in areas of my life where I thought too much about what people wanted around me which influenced my decision making.

As a previous ‘over thinker’ ‘worrier’ - labelled by people closest to me. I learnt my head was leading situations in my life that didn’t serve me. Learning about the head, heart and hara principles clarified a lot around that. I have so much more awareness around thoughts and emotions and find myself now, letting go of a lot more.

The processes I learned around belief change was so simple and has made a big transformation in my life. I am grateful to have the skills now to offer this to others.

One of the biggest things I took away from the course was realising NLP is a ‘do with’ not a ‘do too’ process. This instantly took away the pressure when being back around the same people in my life in the real world after the course.

Leaving the course on Friday I felt like I was coming away with a knowledge full of secrets.... and I would recommend this course to anyone who wanted to learn more about themselves, improve their communication techniques and just want to learn and make a difference to their own life and others lives.

Simon Nottley, 3rd May 2017

I have just completed my NLP Practitioner training with Ian and 'A Mind 4 Adventure', a journey which was both thought provoking and rewarding. Ian proved right from the first minute to be enthusiastic, caring and (most importantly) very knowledgeable. With his support, my trip into NLP has started in the most positive way possible.
I totally recommend Ian and 'A Mind 4 Adventure'!

Tom Powell, 24th Mar 2017

I recently finished an NLP Master Practitioner Course with Ian. I chose Ian because I have taken two courses with him in the past and found Ian to be the best teacher I have ever come across. His integrity and ethics are always to the highest standard, and his entire focus is on the development of the people in his care. Many teachers claim to be flexible, adaptive and supportive, Ian truly walks the talk and his learning environment always caters for the needs of the group. His knowledge for what he teaches reaches far and wide and beyond the scope of the basics of the syllabus, meaning that he can indulge curious appetites when required.
I couldn't recommend Ian enough, learning from him has helped me to shape who I am, helped me to become the best I can be and allowed me to reach out and share positive lessons with others.
Thank you Ian.

Laura Payne-Stanley, 5th Dec 2016

I completed my NLP Practitioner Course with Ian at A Mind 4 Adventure, and what a transformative experience it was. From booking the course to the continued support and community that Ian and A Mind 4 Adventure provides, the professionalism combined with enthusiasm was of the highest level.

Ian's knowledge on NLP and the wider subject area was inspiring, but the experience was so much more than just a training course, but the start of my NLP journey and continued path of self development. As a coach with an established client base, the course provided the opportunity to deepen my coaching skill set for myself and for my clients.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ian to anyone considering an NLP Practitioner Course, and I look forward to continuing on my NLP journey.

Emma James, 11th Apr 2016

I’ve just completed my NLP Master Practitioner course with Ian and I can honestly say it is the best training experience I have ever had.

So knowledgeable about the subject area and with an absolute wealth of experiences and stories to really bring it to life, Ian’s approach made a fascinating course completely enlightening! Additionally, his training style makes you feel safe, empowered and confident enough to have a go and hone your new skills.

For me, it also worked really well being fully immersed in NLP for two weeks, with a great group, there was lots of banter and opportunity to practice and learn from each other. And it was all held in a fabulously beautiful part of the country - early morning hypno on a beach - what a revelation!

In short, I can't recommend the training enough. Thanks Ian!

Will Batho, 6th Apr 2016

I chose to take my NLP practitioner course with A mind 4 adventure after working with Ian and observing his use coaching and NLP in action. I was previously unaware of the applications for NLP and equally how outdoor education and personal development could be so enhanced by effective use of language. The benefit of learning with Ian is that he uses his theoretical knowledge day in day out working with real people and applying his skills. He is then able to share much more than the theory and frameworks for NLP but also practical tips for use in your area of work. I found Ian to be highly professional, personable and a great mentor moving forward.

Daniel Nicholls, 1st Apr 2016

I attended an NLP Master Practitioner Course provided by Ian in March 2016, having previously attended Ian's NLP Practitioner Training in 2014.

However, this was so much more than a training course, providing a powerful, transformative experience; a stunning venue, wide variety of teaching techniques, inspiring metaphors, incredibly insightful feedback and pacing that made every moment of the two weeks stand out.

Ian is a man of great integrity, at the top of his game, and the years he has spent honing his craft have made him a true master. I would highly recommend his training to anyone looking for a unique development experience that can change your life!

Mark Treleaven, 29th Mar 2016

Ian creates a learning environment which is both safe and challenging and supports all learning styles which enables all students to really engage and provides the best opportunity for a great outcome for all.

An excellent NLP Master Practitioner course, a truly immersive experience that I would recommend to anyone seeking to really experience the power that is NLP from a trainer who is highly knowledgeable, who regularly practices what he teaches and personally invests in the success of his students.


Robert Packer, 24th Mar 2016

Hi all, I'm Rob Packer and in early 2016 Ian delivered NLP Practitioner, hypnotherapy and Create Your Future training for me.
My experience was one of discovery, enlightenment and revaluation. I discovered what an incredibly positive and generous individual Ian is for a start. His relaxed, professional and enthusiastic methods was brilliant and he dealt with all course members as individuals with varying needs and also assisted us in bonding as s group.
NLP is a hugely valuable toolset which I will utilise in my future career of management and of dog behaviour training, let's face it, I'll be training the owners, not the dogs!!!
Thank you Ian, you're a top man and you've had a hugely positive and lasting impact on my life.

Ellen Noakes, 25th Feb 2016

I traveled half way across the country to join five others on my NLP practitioner course in January. My decision to attend was partly influenced by some really positive experiences with Ian using NLP in a commercial environment in the company where I worked during 2015, and also as a result of some personal timeline therapy that he offered as part of my personal journey.

The week in the beautiful Dartmoor setting was everything I expected and more. The training was delivered with energy and the content and practical examples we worked through during each day kept us on the edges of our seats. For a training course that is so heavily classroom based I was amazed at how each session captivated the group and the time just flew by.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone considering training in NLP to start their journey with Ian, regardless of where you live in the country. Not only is he charismatic and fun to be around, he has so much practical experience from so many diverse environments you cannot fail to be inspired by him.

Ellen Noakes

Martin Davies, 30th Jan 2016

I did my practitioner course with Ian last year and had a really good experience. Ian was excellent, professional, insightful and very enthusiastic about NLP. You could see that Ian practices what he preaches - and was interested and curious of other peoples thoughts and experiences. I would have no hesitation in recommending his courses - you won't be disappointed.

Lee Moseley, 28th Apr 2015

I have just recently completed my NLP Practitioner training with Ian. It has been such a life changing experience. Ian is absolutely brilliant in his approach, support and I would highly recommend starting your NLP journey with him.

I've come away feeling completely empowered, and very equipped to become a great leader and to help others to see their true potential.

Loved every moment of the training, thanks Ian!


Cathy Harshaw, 27th Apr 2015

I have just completed my NLP Practitioner training with Ian and 'A Mind 4 Adventure'. What an amazing journey..... From first meeting Ian and deciding that this was the right course for me to follow to now has been amazing. The support Ian provides is fantastic, he really is a master of his art, a true professional and a caring individual. Now that I have completed the course I truely feel I have the confidence to use what I have learnt in my practice. I can't wait to do the next bit in a few weeks time. I would highly recommend Ian. Thank you.

Jackie Walker, 9th Dec 2014

In June 2014 I was privileged to attend and complete my NLP Master Coach training with Ian. His delivery of the course was thorough, fun, personal and exacting. He took into account those of us who had not qualified at Prac or Master Prac levels with him, and gave each and everyone of us a very special 4 days in which we honed our skills to become elegant communicators of change.

I've known Ian for 5 years and his ability to apply his depth and breadth of knowledge, passion for NLP and enthusiasm to make a difference help him stand out as one of the go-to trainers.

Gavin Kelly, 19th Feb 2014

I have completed both Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses with A Mind 4 Adventure recently.

In both cases the course has formed the basis for profound personal change as well as enhancing my personal skillset way beyond what I previously thought possible.

Ian's delivery style is relaxed and personable; his depth of skill and talent complement this; creating the perfect environment for learning and change. His carefully consideration of course structure and environment complete the holistic experience that is A Mind 4 Adventure training.

I would recommend Ian and A Mind 4 Adventure to anyone considering a training

Thank You

Kit McKinley, 19th Feb 2014

Ian is a conscientious, professional and highly enthusiastic trainer who demonstrates a true passion for NLP. I have had the privilege of undertaking both my Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses with him, and on each course I have learned more about myself and others than I have could ever had imagined. Ian cares deeply about the experience of the individual within any training setting, and this is evident in the high quality, friendly and supportive learning environment he creates on every course he facilitates. The techniques and tools that I have learned as a result of undertaking my training with Ian have had a hugely positive effect on my personal and professional life and I recommend his courses to anyone interested in developing themselves and others.

Sheila Kadeer, 3rd Feb 2014

I have completed my Practitioner and Master Practitioner training in NLP, Spectrum and TimeLine Therapy and Hypnotherapy with A Mind 4 Adventure. The courses were well run and thoroughly enjoyable and I have found the skills I have learnt invaluable in both my professional career and my own coaching business. Ian is a true professional and has provided continued support to me on my NLP journey. If you are seriously thinking about learning NLP I would recommend Ian and A Mind 4 Adventure as your provider. You won't regret it. Thank you Ian and I look forward to further training with A Mind 4 Adventure.

Mandy Deakin-Snell, 27th Jan 2014

Ian is a true leader in his field and has given me a great foundation to be a better leader using NLP techniques he has developed in leadership programmes throughout his career.
Having attended both the Prac and Master Prac courses, I can honestly say that choosing Ian and 'AMind4Adventure' has been the best decision I ever made.
Thank you so much for your honesty, support and teachings in self mastery!

Rob Yates, 24th Jan 2014

Have you ever had a series of profound experiences, that takes everything you know and allows it to shine brighter than it ever had done before?

I am fortunate to say that I have, and it is thanks to the excellence, high level skill and commitment of Ian Pitchford. Ian's deep knowledge, enthusiasm and mastery is one in which allows you to make your journey and with his support gain far more than you ever would have imagined.

Having completed my NLP, Spectrum Therapy, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy Practitioner courses with Ian and 'A Mind for Adventure', I will be back, and greatly look forward to my next learning journey and a NLP Master Practitioners course in the near future

I recommend that everybody takes the opportunity to engage with Ian in any way which is right for you. You will not be disappointed.

Paul Collin, 23rd Jan 2014

I completed my NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy and Spectrum Therapy training with Ian and A Mind 4 Adventure. It was a truly brilliant life changing experience. Ian is a master in the field of NLP delivery both on one to one and when in a group format. Ian has the ability to develop individuals and work with people to enable true learning and giving a proper deeper meaning to self development.
Ian has a very professional relaxed and thought provoking delivery style and I would recommend Ian and A Mind 4 Adventure to anyone who is considering expanding their mind in the field of NLP.

Andrew Holland, 10th Oct 2012

I have now completed both my Prac and Master Prac with Ian and "A Mind 4 Adventure". I thought that my Prac course was a truly magnificent experience and felt incredibly well prepared to proceed with my practice. What has happened since completing my Master Prac has just blown me away. The experience that Ian has to offer in so many fields is exciting and absorbing. He has a style and mastery that suited all of us in the learning space. The experience so far has been so enlightening and I feel fully prepared to practice in whatever field I choose to. I look forward to opportunities for the future in which we can work together for another truly fantastic learning experience. I would highly recommend Ian and "A Mind 4 Adventure", so much so, that I would say he is the best sharer of information I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Thank you.

Robert Wakeford, 24th Feb 2012

I have recently completed my NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy and Spectrum Therapy training with Ian. This was a profound and truly life changing experience, delivered by a master in his field. I believe you get what you focus on, however in this instance I have received way more than I expected. Thank you and I look forward to further opportunities to grow and develop.

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