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Jane Ellis

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Practice/Training LocationsSwindon UK - Please follow the contact path on to book an appointment.

About me

Hello, my name is Jane Ellis. I am a experienced Life Coach working within a NLP framework. I am an accredited professional member of ANLP.

I believe we do the things we do for a reason and our minds are uniquely equipped to achieve the best possible results.

Together we can explore the outcomes available and it is for you to choose the one you want, and for me to provide the tools to work with.

I offer a friendly, good humored personal approach through:

• Intuitive questioning and listening
• Getting to the heart of the matter
• Giving you the space and freedom to express yourself
• Helping you gain understanding, clarity and confidence.

Areas of Support

· Going beyond the goal – Goal setting is a great start, but what is beyond that? Many reach their personal goal then flounder as the path beyond is unknown. I will help you to navigate and overcome future obstacles.

· Personal – Become aware of your strengths and develop inner resources. Build confidence and self-esteem. Change limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

· Career – Do you dread the start of your week or feel that your talents are overlooked. Do you wish to change career but are not sure of the direction? Together we will explore possibilities.

· Mental health – Manage Stress and Anxiety. Banish fears and phobias.

· Relationships – Cultivate new relationships, strengthen the ones you have and recognise the ones that are not healthy.

· Finances – How to manage your money and invest in yourself to create more.
If you are unsure of what it is you want to change, but just know something is missing or unwanted, please contact me for a chat.

"I don't know how I would have coped with recent eye surgery without JKE Lifecoaching. It kept me calm in the run up to my op - I'm not sure I would have shown up otherwise! Thank you Jane x"

"I felt really comfortable and Jane gave me the necessary tools to make the change I wanted and I did it!"

Latest news from JKE Lifecoaching Swindon.

I have just started a Relaxation Group.
1 hr relaxation session (1st session free). £15.00 per session.

A 1 hr session where you will be able to de-stress, rejuvenate and heal. Join a small safe group and be guided on a journey where you can just relax and discover inner peace and uncover hidden resources
These are held every Monday at The Health Hydro, Milton Road SWINDON. Starts promptly at 6.30pm - 7.30pm.

Please visit My Facebook page;
and my website;
for more details.

Charlotte Langcaster - Highly recommend - was a little skeptical before but what an amazing truly relaxed feeling!

Training, qualifications & experience

• Master Practitioner qualification from UKCPD
• Practitioner qualification from UKCPD
• Qualification in Anxiety Management from UKCPD
• 10 years experience in the criminal justice system
• 3 years private coaching.

Areas of coaching I deal with

• Business coaching
• Career coaching
• Confidence
• Creative coaching
• Depression
• Energy
• Family
• Finances
• Friendship
• Health
• Leadership
• Motivation
• Personal development
• Redundancy coaching
• Relationships
• Retirement
• Sports
• Staff coaching
• Stress
• Volunteering
• Work/life balance

Please contact me for more information.


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