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Modular Masters in NLP

Date: 25th Sep 2018 - 13th Mar 2019
Location: Lincoln and Algarve


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Dr Janice Russell
Email: jan@janrussell.org
Phone: 07892902354


Hello! We are thrilled to announce the next Master Practitioner in NLP from the YBiM team, learning in wonderful surroundings and with multi talented tutors.  Dates are:

25/26th September 2018

13th/14th November 2018

20th - 27th January 2019

12th-13th March 2019

The Masters Course is designed to do what it says on the tin, to enable you to gain mastery in  the  principles  and  applications  of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Such mastery enables you  to  be  who you want to, behave how you want to, rid yourself of  unhelpful limitations. These abilities translate to high performance as in being able  to access your best resources and make congruent choices in  your  personal and professional life.

Programme Director Dr Jan Russell is a certified trainer in NLP delivering high value, ethical, evidence based training. The residential arm of  the  course is co-led by Keziah Gibbons, NLP Master, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Teacher, and certified NLP Trainer Dr Graham Dexter. The non residential modules are supported by Master Trainer Beryl Lyndley, and certified TrainerNicola Ellwood, to give our delegates as thorough and diverse an experience as possible.



Mastery is a science and an art. John Grinder proposed the criteria of mastery in the context of NLP as:

•       Consistent self-application

•       Intentionality: do you understand the intention behind each step in the NLP pattern?


On our Masters programme, we provide the conditions for you to integrate mastery of NLP into your personal and professional lives. We ensure that delegates embed what we understand Richard Bandler to mean by the `spirit and attitude’ of NLP. You will learn on multiple levels and in many ways – conscious and unconscious, though language and behaviour, discovery and absorption, in groups and one to ones. The learning journey is highly experiential. Our aim is for you to develop your NLP mastery to the point of unconscious competence.


This is a lot of fun! You will be able to pay attention to what, precisely, excellence means for you, and to develop it dynamically. You will find yourself integrating NLP mindfully, becoming proficient at creating change through the use of language. You will also learn to create and become your own model of excellence throughout and beyond the programme.



 Content will centre around the following:

 Modelling. The methodology that underpins the whole NLP approach. It is also the methodology by which small children learn, through unconscious uptake and micro modelling. You will be able to create a model of excellence to utilize and to pass on to others. Your model might be in the context of management, marketing, public speaking: or you may decide to model in a personal context, or in a sport. In our experience, at our best the professional and the personaloverlap.


Creating change through integrating language patterns. You will learn to utilize language at a much deeper level of structure than is usual, integrating Milton and Meta to create powerful means of influence and persuasion.


Integrating body and mind to create your own model of holistic health. Human beings are anintegrated circuitry, emotional and physical health being intertwined. We will use principles such as mindfulness, metaphor, unconscious filters, knowledge from developments in neuroscience, and the application of the Healer Within to support advancement on what is really possible. This approach is beneficial to personal and organisationalhealth.


Break through. We will assist all delegates to learn and demonstrate ways to create value based breakthrough, whether in decision making, belief change, planning and development. We all know people or groups who have felt stuck at some time – breakthrough is a means of unsticking.



We run the course in a modular fashion, which means that you can practice between times and gain feedback to integrate into each stage of your learning journey.  Three modules are non residential, these take place in Lincoln. We also include a residential module which allows you to immerse in the learning, which has received excellent feedback and achieved excellent outcomes.  We run this in the Algarve, as, curiously this is both a beautiful learning environment, and allows us to keep costs down :) 



This is great value at  £1850.00, we are an ethical company and always keep one subsidised place for those on low or no income. We can also arrange flexible payment terms. Please contact Jan on jan@yourbusinessinmind.com for more information. Thank you! 



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