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Neuro Language Weekend: Brain in the Heart

Date: 4th - 6th Oct 2019
Location: Algarve, Portugal


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Janice Russell
Email: jan@janrussell.org
Phone: 07892902354


The mind and body are an integrated circuitry, and if there's a break in that circuitry, we don't work properly. In this powerful weekend you will have the opportunity to experience liberating and effective tools and approaches.The workshop is based on the model and the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming, providing an excellent introduction for the novice, or a new way of applying the discipline for the returner – a wonderful refresher.

The weekend is facilitated in collaboration with holistic coach and Master NLP Practitioner, Keziah Gibbons. Keziah is a top teacher and leader of meditation for Insight Timer,and works globally with over 4000 students. She is known for integrating NLP into all that she does to make it accessible, effective, and impact the day to day. 

Together we are a dedicated team, and the course is restricted to 10 people so that all can have effective attention. Please do contact me for further details. Early bird prices apply until the end of July, and couples are welcome and can receive a reduction in price for accommodation. 

There is scope to stay on from the weekend until 8th October to follow a retreat workshop on developing resilience in relationships.


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