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IEMT Advanced Practitioner – Eastbourne

Date: 26th - 27th Oct 2019
Location: Eastbourne


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Joanna Harper
Email: joanna@integratetraining.co.uk
Phone: 07778 251122


“Creating even more Change in the Blink of an Eye”

Advanced IEMT Practitioner Training

Integral Eye Movement Therapy – Certified Advanced Practitioner Training

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of Integral Eye Movement Therapy models, techniques and principles.

Apply IEMT to Pain, Phobia, Psoriasis, Physical Conditions, Insomnia and Dreams.


Explore further the work of Andrew Austin, influenced by David Grove, Lucas Derks, Steve and Connirae Andreas.

Advanced exploration of the IEMT Pronounscapes

Discover the “Want Drivers”

Coaching and feedback to enhance your IEMT Skillset and Mastery of the IEMT techniques.

Two Day Advanced IEMT Practitioner Training:

Pre-Requisite – IEMT Practitioner Training

Your investment:

Full fee: £495                                  Early Payment Fee: £450

To book or register your interest Contact Joanna: 07778 251122 


*All fees include Advanced Manual, Two days training, 2 Advanced Case Study Assessments and feedback; and Practitioner Certification fees.

Places are limited, so Early Booking is advisable to secure your training place.



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