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NLP Business Practitioner

Date: 5th - 8th Sep 2019
Location: Edinburgh, UK


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Lesley McDonald
Email: lesley@lesleymcdonald.co.uk
Phone: 07986 586 283


Ready to learn NLP? Join us for our Business Practitioner in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

BLENDING business leadership with cutting edge personal development our Business Practitioner is a programme of accelerated learning and development.

The programme is tailored to your needs, supporting and challenge you to your true potential – in your business and your personal life. 

You will explore and apply NLP models of excellence, including creating outcomes that truly support your success; build trust and rapport with others and learning to influence others to win/win outcomes with integrity.

You will learn to tap into high performance states whenever you wish, ask questions that clarify understanding, use words in ways that facilitate positive change… and so much more!

And as you discover your own, and others' patterns of thinking and behaviour, you will find that you are able to create more of what you want, more often and more easily than you otherwise might.

This is a modular programme:

Module 1: 5th Sept to 8th Sept 2019

Module 2: 3rd Oct to 6th Oct 2019


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