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Introduction to NLP

Date: 21st - 22nd Feb 2019
Location: Edinburgh, UK


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Lesley McDonald
Email: lesley@lesleymcdonald.co.uk
Phone: 07986 283


Curious about NLP?

On this 2-day introductory programme you will get to grips with the basics of NLP, you will come away with an understanding of exactly what NLP is, and find out what NLP has specifically to offer you!

You will learn how to connect deeply, influence ethically and have your relationships flourish, whether at work, in business or in your home life. You will be able to build rapport and develop relationships based on understanding and trust. You will be able to approach conflict in ways that generate win-win solutions.

You will understand how patterns in thinking and behaviour can enhance learning and performance or can be obstacles to success.  You will discover beliefs that support learning and change.

This programme offers a fun and sometimes challenging introduction to the subject and offers positively life changing experiences for those who integrate their learning back into their lives.


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Licensed Practitioner of NLP
Licensed Practitioner of NLP(TM), Paros island, Greece, 22-29 September 2019

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