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Linda Bonnnar

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Practice/Training LocationsNew York, New York.
Dubai, UAE

Passionate about empowering people to become the drivers of their own success. Combining my fourteen years of experience in Education & Professional Coach accreditations, I provide business executives and future leaders with an outstanding executive coaching service that educates, empowers and encourages powerful, successful change through action. I create and deliver bespoke trainings for corporations who want to increase employee engagement and support their teams to thrive professionally and personally.
- Master NLP Coach & Practitioner through MindBridge Training, USA
- ACC Certified Coach through ICF
- Educational Wellbeing Consultant
- Author of the coaching book for future leaders, PRESS PLAY
- BA in History & Philosophy from National University of Ireland, Galway
-Higher Diploma in Education from University College Dublin
-Higher Diploma in Public Relations from University College Dublin


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