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Lisa Mcnulty

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Passionate about supporting those who work directly with young people, to develop confidence and belief in their abilities and training them new techniques and skills. Hence, allowing for more creativity and flexibility in communication. More confidence to take responsibility for choices made when supporting young people due to a clear understanding of why particular approaches work best for particular young people. Supporting management to gain more insight into why people do what they do ways to motivate individuals and the best strategies to get the best from staff.

As a teacher, with nearly 20 years experience, within different sectors; compulsory education, Pupil Referal Units (PRU's), Further Education (FE) and running private tuition centre. I have unique and first-hand experience, of the many stresses and demands involved working with young people and within the public sector. And there came the point in my life I knew I needed more than a PGCE; I needed new skills and new perspectives. If I was going to make a difference, with the increasingly challenging demands from above, and the equally challenging problems were affecting young people, I worked with, such as:
Increasingly poorer mental health; less engagement with education; globally more connected via social media and less meaningful positive relationships with people; loneliness; gang involvement, fear; and no apparent job security. I chose to train in NLP first as a practitioner, then a master practitioner, and now a trainer of NLP. Through NLP, I have become involved in storytelling and qualified in a branch of therapeutic hypnotherapy. Marisa Peers RTT, and now it is time to train others in what I have learned.

I do this by using the principles, methodologies, and techniques of NLP, adopting the NLP Presuppositions as my model of the world and training and coaching others to do the same.

I run bespoke professional development and training, elicit client values and clients underlying unconscious behaviours and programming teach techniques for belief and programming change. And I for those who want to develop their skill further, I run practitioner and master practitioner training for those working directly with young people regularly.


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