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Melanie Coeshott is the founder of Blue Diamond Coaching – a successful coaching practice focusing on helping people take control of their working lives:
- to thrive in their current line of work, or
- to do something radically different.

She also works with business owners to develop their confidence in conjunction with their business plans.

Following a successful 20-year finance and management career within large multinational corporate organisations, she is following her own aspirations and advice as a qualified personal and business coach and NLP practitioner in Blue Diamond Coaching.

To compliment 1:1 coaching, she also runs workshops on topics such as Doing something Different, Overwhelm and Imposter Syndrome, and runs Mastermind groups for small business owners.

Last, but not least, Melanie is the source of Age Life Balance - a blog empowering mid-lifers to take control of their lives from the perspective of successful ageing.


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Licensed Practitioner of NLP
Licensed Practitioner of NLP(TM), Paros island, Greece, 22-29 September 2019

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