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Psychological Approaches to Coaching: AC Accredited Diploma, Module 1: Foundations in Coaching

Date: 19th - 20th Sep 2019
Location: Crowborough, East Sussex


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Melody Cheal
Email: melody@gwiznlp.com
Phone: 01892 309205



Train to be an Accredited Coach and create a business where you really make a difference!


Why train to be a Coach?


People choose this training for a variety of reasons. You may be thinking about changing careers and want to set up your own business as a Coach. You may work in an organisation that is developing a “Coaching Culture” and want to ensure you have the skills needed to enhance your career prospects. Maybe you work as a manager and would like to be able to coach and motivate your staff more effectively. You might even want to use coaching in your hobbies and interests such as sports coaching or coaching volunteers in a charity.


The applications are many and varied, the choice is yours. How would you like to use coaching in your life?


When you train to become a Coach you will gain some unexpected personal benefits as well as the professional know how you will gain from the training.


·       An increased understanding about yourself.

·       More insight into what makes others tick.

·       Learn how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

·       Increased communication and relationship building skills.

·       A noticeable increase in your self-confidence and resilience.

·       The satisfaction that comes from knowing you are making a difference in the lives of others.

·       You will learn many tools and techniques to coach others that can be applied in business, life coaching or in specific fields.


Our Coaching Diploma, Psychological Approaches to Coaching is fully Accredited by the Association for Coaching. This means you can be confident that your Coaching Diploma will be recognised in whatever field you wish to work as a Coach.


The Association for Coaching is one of the big three International Accreditation bodies and our Diploma is also recognised by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). All three of these bodies work closely together to create shared standards and competencies.


Why train with Melody Cheal, MSc Applied Positive Psychology?


Melody has worked as a coach in private practice and trained other coaches for over 25 years. Her own training is extensive and in depth. She has coached CEO’s of major international organisations and coached individual wanting to transform their lives. She is dedicated to providing ongoing support, mentoring and encouragement to all her students. Her broad knowledge and training means she can provide relevant case studies that will make sense to you. Certifications are now via Association for Coaching, past training courses included the ILM Level 7 Coaching Diploma.


What format does the Coaching Diploma, Psychological Approaches to Coaching take?


The twelve day programme consists of four training modules each of two days and four supervision group sessions (one day each). There are a number of written assignments and some practical evaluation that you will need to pass in order to gain the Certification for the Accredited Diploma.

This is a rolling programme so you can join at any point. You can also sign up for individual training modules to either test out the training, for CPD or to collect credits toward the full training as you go along.

Sign up for the full programme for just £1550

What topics are covered?


Module One – Foundations in Coaching


You will learn all the important foundation skills such as contracting, structuring a session, learning models and an introduction to Myers Briggs Type Indicator.


Module Two – Transactional Analysis for Coaches


You will learn about what makes people tick and how to apply this useful theory to coaching. There are lots of models and strategies to take away from this module.

Module Three  – iNLP Coaching Model


This NLP Coaching tool does not require any other NLP knowledge to master and will give you access to an excellent transformational method and approach.

Module Four – Positive Psychology


You will learn how Positive Psychology adds to coaching plus several useful tools utilising Strengths, Emotional Intelligence, Values and Mindset.

You can sign up for the whole programme or attend individual modules. If you attend individual modules you will receive an attendance certificate so that if at some stage in the future you want to complete the Diploma you can.


Read what three previous students have to say about training and coaching with GWiz and Melody Cheal


“I’ve just completed the Accredited Diploma in Coaching Practice (accredited by the Association for Coaching) with Melody and GWiz Learning. It was an immensely valuable personal and professional development experience. The programme content, pace, delivery and venue are excellent. Melody is generous in sharing her knowledge and expertise to bring the topics and models to life and get you thinking. There is also plenty of practice time built in. I felt supported, stretched and inspired throughout. HIghly recommended.”

Sam Evans

 Coach, Change Leader and Workplace Mediator – Enabling Progress through Change



“I have attended ILM Level 7 Business Coaching with Melody and can honestly say she has no equal!. Melody can deliver complex training with clarity allowing me to gain a depth of understanding not held before.”

Susan Botfield LLB (Hons)

Career and Business Management Coaching. Director at Four Pillars Coaching. Recruiting for TOPRA


“Melody has been my trainer for NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, ILM L7 Coaching, TA for Trainers/Coaches, as well as numerous Practice Groups and Coaching Supervision Sessions. She has also acted as Personal and Professional Coach through some of the most challenging times of my life and career. Each time I’ve received Training or Coaching from Melody, she amazes me with her incredible powers of intuition, her knowledge and her ability to motivate me towards magnificence! Melody is a fabulous role model for aspiring NLP Professionals at all levels and I have no hesitation in recommending her”

Jane Lloyd

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Laughter Yoga Leader, Personal Development Coach & Trainer



What are the dates?


This is a rolling programme and you can join it at any point. Supervision days run regularly every four to six weeks so you are sure to find dates that work for you.


The provisional dates for the next set of training modules will be:


Module One: 19thto 20thSeptember 2019


Module Two: 28thto 29thNovember 2019


Module Three: 23rdto 24thJanuary 2020


Module Four: 26thto 27thMarch 2020


Dates are confirmed as soon as a firm booking has been made. If you would like to attend and these dates don’t work you do still contact me as I may be scheduling some additional dates.


What is the investment?

If you book the full Diploma programme you pay just £1550.00. Payment plans available on request.

If you choose to register individual modules the fee structure is as follows:

Each Training module is £245 plus £75 marking fee for assignments (terms: if booked and paid for more than 4 weeks before the start date).


Each supervision group day is £80 (Terms: if booked and paid for with the Training module or £140 if booked independently).


At the end of the programme there is a Certification fee of £250.


Click the link to book 


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