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Melody Cheal

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Lin Bridgeford, 1st May 2016

After several brushes with NLP over 25 years I was delighted to be recommended to Melody Cheal at GWiz Training. I was immediately struck by her professionalism, her grounded approach and mostly by her impeccable ethics.

I was also thrilled to discover that GWiz offers a modular option for the Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses, making it easier to fit in with my work schedules.

The content of the courses is well structured and clearly presented, with practice sessions well prepared for by watching a demo before working in small groups. The teaching style makes learning seem effortless, yet a great deal of information is imparted in a relaxed way.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses, which are great fun at the same time as being potentially deeply serious, where appropriate. Melody has the ability to adapt her style, techniques and manner as required by the situation facing her. Melody and Joe are a quality team and excellent motivational inspirers, guiding and aiding change.

The skills gained on the courses are a definite asset to my working and personal life and relationships. Melody has helped me personally in private sessions, which are also great opportunities for learning. I have also been fortunate enough to assist on NLP101. I have the deepest respect for Melody and Joe and their work and regularly recommend Gwiz as a centre of excellence.

Tiffany Spicer, 27th Jun 2013

Melody came highly recommended to me and I was in no way disappointed! She exudes confidence and elegance and a personal journey of growth without any self indulgence. Her approach to learning is delivered in small groups ensuring a personal touch of ethical assurance. I have now completed my NLP Practitioner qualification with GWiz and intend to return to complete my Master Practitioner training and cannot recommend these guys enough. They are truly inspirational!

Roger Stevens, 8th Jun 2013

A few years ago I started a journey to banish negativity and embrace positivity. To this end I ordered a book by Dr Steve Peters The Chimp Paradox, although not yet in print, it took 14 months to arrive. In the meantime the name Anthony Robbins popped up so I read two of his books which lead me to an interest in NLP. I found that four or five years earlier I had brought a book by Hall and Bodenhamer 'Manual for the Brain Volume 1' and had not yet read. I tried to read it after Tony's books but couldn't get a grasp of the text.
I was about to visit my grand kids who live 220 miles away and I discovered Gwiz who where doing a free introduction to NLP (NLP 101) 70 miles from where they live. I signed up and went and wasn't disappointed. The next steps in the process where the Diploma ( 2 days), Practitioner ( 7 days) and finally Master Practitioner ( 9 days). I signed up for all of these. I could have found trainers closer to home and perhaps been more cost effective but in the long term their training instilled in me NLP. I now have to take massive action and apply it for the benefit of others.

You might ask why travel over 200 miles for training, well to be precise it was well worth it. The first thing that strikes the attendee is the venue, the warm atmosphere and the small class size and of course Buck and Remus. There was great support available for getting processes right first time. Each process was taught using examples, demonstrations and individual practice the Gwiz team where always on hand to help and guide throughout this process they made it fun and extremely enjoyable. In all of their teachings you felt their passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject.
I have no hesitation in recommending the Gwiz team for training.

Melody Cheal
Goes above and beyond expectations, open, forthright full of enthusiasm and extreme passion for the subject and helping others.

Following my involvement with the Gwiz team I am changed to the positivity I was seeking.

Susan Botfield, 29th Apr 2013

I had the best 9 days, re-doing and refreshing my Master Practitioner material (completed several years ago with another trainer) with Joe and Melody Cheal. I cannot recommend a refresher enough. Joe and Melody integrate and synthesise all the practitioner learning effortlessly. The time investment out of my own business outside of coaching was well worth it. Both trainers have an elegance in NLP that is a delight to watch.

Adam Evans, 25th Mar 2013

Being with Melody for a course or coaching is a gift you give to yourself.
The sessions are full of those moments when you see at master at work, and you sit back and realise, this is a person who has honed their craft to a level that on the outside is imperceptible and effortless but inside has huge effect.
Melody can gently tease out the quality of information she needs to move you forward, yet never feels invasive.
She then quietly slides into a method that works for you quickly.
A person that exudes confidence and inner calm and I can personally truly say has ethics second to none.
To me she is a person with deep inner warmth and a passion for both her subject and benefitting others.
effect. Time with her really is a gift to yourself.

Karen Chamberlain, 13th Mar 2013

I have recently completed the NLP Practitioner with Melody & Joe from the GWiz Learning Partnership and highly rate this experience.
G-Wiz came recommended to me and I was not disappointed - Melody has an amazing knowledge of NLP, demonstrated through her ability to talk in depth on the models, stories, and to provide suggestions of tools and processes to use during group discussions. I was amazed at how I felt `sad' as our 7 day intensive journey came to an end, which for me was a great indication that this had been so worthwile -both professionally and personally. Melody and Joe compliment each other well with their different strengths, experiences and personailities, which made it a great experience. Thank you!

Wendy Strohm, 6th Mar 2013

Just undertaken NLP Practitioner training with Melody and the GWiz Learning Partnership. Melody came recommended to me via other colleagues and I have thoroughly enjoyed the training. Not only has Melody taught me to help others explore their own positive resources, but she also helped me personally to move along the road to greater self-awareness and happiness.
I look forward to a long professional relationship with Melody via Coaching CPD sessions and supervision.
Simply - I highly recommend Melody!

Jane Lloyd, 30th May 2012

Since 2008, Melody has been my trainer for NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, ILM L7 Coaching, TA for Trainers/Coaches, as well as numerous Practice Groups and Coaching Supervision Sessions. She has also acted as Personal and Professional Coach through some of the most challenging times of my life and career.

Each time I've received Training or Coaching from Melody, she amazes me with her incredible powers of intuition, her knowledge and her ability to motivate me towards magnificence!

Melody is a fabulous role model for aspiring NLP Professionals at all levels and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

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