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Practice/Training LocationsBrighton, Worthing, Chichester, Horsham, Crawley, Sussex, Surrey, London, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Eastbourne, Hove, locations across UK as required

At POD HR and Training, we work closely with Business Leaders to improve people and increase profits.

Because we believe in the limitless potential of people, we have helped our clients achieve incredible changes and are very grateful to have received high volumes of recommendations.

Using NLP, we are able to understand employees at a deeper level and apply tools and techniques to break through limiting mind-sets that prevent high performance.

By using transformational change techniques, we can work with values and beliefs to change behaviours and emotional responses.

With a full understanding of every aspect of the employee lifecycle, we combine our HR and NLP expertise to help businesses take business results to new heights.

We offer bespoke training packages including:

Sales Training
Leadership Training
Mind Management Training
Stress Management Training
Advanced Communication Training
Customer Service Training
NLP Training

Other services include:

Business Coaching, Personal Coaching, NLP Sessions, Life Coaching, HR & Business Consultancy, HR Services and advice.

You can find plenty of free resources in our learning centre on our website


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