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The Professional Life Coaching & NLP Programme - Boutique Training London

Date: 30th Jan - 2nd Feb 2020
Location: Kensington London


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Nina Madden
Email: info@ninamadden.com
Phone: +44 (0) 7906 255 529




Do You Want a Career Helping People Find Purpose and Be Happy, Fulfilled and Free?


Hi, My name is Nina Madden.


I am an accredited trainer of NLP and Life Coaching and  practising NLP Therapist, Life Coach and NLP Master Coach.


I work with people who are bored and fed up with their jobs, who know there is something more for them, who long in their hearts to do something meaningful and make a real impact in peoples lives.


They want to be amazing at helping people, be able to make a real deep impact, to have lots of happy clients – but they don’t want to go back to university to study for years.


Through the Professional Life Coaching and NLP Program our students become fully qualified, registered and insured to start helping people and make a living as a Therapist/ Life Coach/ NLP Master Practitioner.


You can set up your own private practice as a Life Coach, helping people change their lives.


And you can set up as an NLP Master Practitioner helping people let go of the past, resolve difficult emotions, heal childhood wounds and move on.


The program takes you through a recognized curriculum over  series of four long intensive weekends and at the end of it you are qualified to start your own business changing lives.


If you would like to find out more – please reach out and book a call




Or email us on info@ninamadden.com


The purpose of this call is to find out if you are a good fit for the program and if this is the right way forward for you.


Certified Life Coaching & NLP Master Practitioner Course Program:


Module 1; Coach As Awakener – awakening, inspiring and opening yourself and your clients to their passions, purpose, desires, wants and possibilities. Awaken your clients to their true Soul Goals.


Module 2; Coaching to Empower – empowering yourself and your client through the most powerful and advanced tools of NLP. Becoming a masterful coach that holds space and is able to touch the harts and souls of their clients for maximum personal transformation. Working with values, beliefs and unconscious strategies to empower yourself and your clients.


Module 3; Holding, Healing and Releasing Difficult Emotions – using the most beautiful and powerful NLP techniques to hold, hear and heal difficult emotions, limiting beliefs, negative experiences.


Module 4; Metaphor, Myth & The Unconscious + Metaphors of Identity + Transformational Story Telling  – Delving into the deeply unconscious landscape of thought feelings and emotions. Discover your hidden worlds within you and how your metaphors have made your life unfurl.


Module 5; Your Hero’s Journey – the final module where you explore your life’s narrative and how it shapes your destiny. Understanding the hidden power of self, your higher purpose and destiny.


This training is accredited and approved. It is accredited by the ABNLP, recognised by the ICF where you can join via the portfolio route and endorsed by the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) and you can also register with the ANLP.


You become a certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and Certified NLP Master Practitioner.


These three qualifications allow you to set up in private practice and start seeing your own paying clients.


In five weeks you can be qualified, registered, insured and approved to work in the UK or abroad.




I want to email my enquiry: info@ninamadden.com


I want to call NOW or send a message: +44(0)7906 255 529



These programmes are Boutique and we have only three intakes per year when Nina opens her home to her students to teach, inspire, heal and empower for six unforgettable and transformational weeks.


Courses run in January,  March, June and September.


September 2019:

19 - 22 & 26 -29 September & 3 - 6 & 10 - 13 October 2019

January 2020:

9 - 12 & 16 - 19 & 23 - 26 January & 30 January - 2 February 2020


March 2020:

12 - 15, 19 - 22, 26 - 29 March & 2 - 5 April 2020



Because of the highly specialised nature of the course they often fill up months in advance.


(occasionally we run un-advertised courses on different dates.


If the dates don’t work for you please call the office to enquire.


How The Course is Delivered:


Boutique training – small groups, intimate and friendly environment

16 full face-face training days

Additional reading and videos to explore in your own time

Beautiful location in central London

Weekend training over long weekends

12 months mentoring and support post qualifying (or as long as you need)

Active learning community

Access to Business Support post qualifying to set up your own business

Lifetime Access to Learning Library with hours of demonstrations, techniques and tools from NLP and Coaching

Online Learning Group on Facebook


Be trained by Nina Madden directly – Master NLP Coach, Healer and Accredited NLP & Life Coach Trainer


“I am truly grateful to have learn NLP with such a wonderful person as Nina. She is a strong, enlightened and generous person. Her course was not only an intense learning experience, but it was also a place full of sharing and uplifting conversations.


She has this natural way of leading the group and creating harmony between people with different ages, backgrounds and cultures. She opened many doors and created peaceful bridges in my way of seeing the world.


I believe NLP has a deep and almost unconscious way of guiding my life now.  I also recommend it for people who have experienced trauma.


I myself was able to overcome, understand and even embrace a lot of the thoughts and challenges that followed my experience of sexual abuse. To make it short, thank you Nina, and keep on uplifting this world and its people.” Barbara Pitras


Who Comes On This Training?


Some have a background in Reiki, NLP, or Coaching, or other modalities and they want to deepen their ability to help people more.


Some have a background in social work, youth-work, counselling but find that the work is draining. They want a more positive, empowering and forward-looking approach.


Some are from a corporate background with little or no experience working with people but long for a career where they are making a difference.


You don’t need a degree to do our program.


Your Qualifications and Certification:


NLP Practitioner Certification 

Life Coaching Certification

NLP Master Practitioner 


In this programme, we have also included powerful models that have been amazing transforming my clients’ victim stories, into powerful narratives of change which have helped them turn their lives around.


How To Enrol:

Book a call with me or one of our team by using the link below. The purpose of this call is to find out if the programme is a good fit.


To secure your space you just have to pay the deposit, which you can do on the phone.


If you are unsure after the call, and want to do some more research there is no pressure to sign up.


It is important to us that you feel 100% excited about our program and passionate to start helping people.


This is a unique experience that only takes place three times per year.


Let our team know if you wish to claim the cost of your course as a business expense.


Early Bird Price: £4,997 (still available for September and January)




NLP Practitioner Certification

Life Coaching Certification

NLP Master Practitioner Certification


These three qualifications allow you to set up in private practice and start seeing your own paying clients.


Schedule a call here https://www.ninamadden.com/training/professionalcoachingnlp/


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