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Paul Jarvis

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Phone Number(0034) 685803109 (Spain)
Practice/Training LocationsMadrid, Spain;
Napa Valley, California, USA;
Faro, Portugal

Although I have an engineering degree from Loughborough University of Technology my early career stopped, started and changed direction several times. Eventually I entered the IT industry as a sales rep. before climbing through the ranks to the post of Sales and Marketing Director EMEA for a technology services company; a role I held for seven years.

In 1999 I left the corporate world to enjoy what I thought would be the freedom of being an independent consultant and business skills trainer. It proved to be a really tough transition but after nearly 20 years I guess that now it can be considered as a success!

During this time I have worked all over the world (over 60 countries to date) with clients such as the HP, Siemens, The Dubai Government, the European Commission, Intel, SAP, Microsoft and others.

So what, you may ask, has this egocentric waltz through the past got to do with NLP? It is a great question and the answer will explain why you are finding me here at the ANLP.

By 2005 I had discovered that delivering knowledge did not change behaviours and I needed to find different skills to the ones I had so far been relying on. By chance a radio program held out an audio life-line (was it really chance?) and it told me that something called NLP might help. So I signed up, and I admit, found myself a universe away from my well-established comfort zone.

After Practitioner training I immediately started to incorporate some of my new NLP learnings into my work and began to share relevant tips, tricks and techniques. My clients responded positively and behaviours changed as we wanted them to do.

And so I went back for more. First a Master Practitioner focused on business and then a second one focused on therapy and combined with Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis.

By 2008 I was a true NLP zealot, preaching the structure of magic and watching with gratitude as many clients set off down the road to realise their own New Life Potential.

And so to complete the NLP journey I navigated through a thoroughly enjoyable Trainers Training to finally arrive here as a trainer at the ANLP.

Since then I have continued working with my corporate clients as well as creating a new approaches to internalising knowledge in ways that impact the unconscious and result in genuinely adopted new and desired ways of thinking and behaving.

Aside to my corporate work I now also run open personal development courses focused on NLP and the new area of mBraining. An important recent addition in the mBraining arena is that I run open trainings for the certification of mBIT Coaches.

And finally just to say that I am also the ANLP International Ambassador for Spain and Switzerland.
Here is an overview of my services. Contact me if you'd like more information.

Business Services:

• A wide range of business performance consulting and training services for sales and customer facing staff.

Personal Development Services:

• Life Coaching
• Business and Career Coaching
• Relationship Counselling
• Communication skills and Conversational Intelligence

Training Courses and Services:


o Diploma,
o Practitioner,
o Master Practitioner

• mBraining

o mBIT Coach
o Evolve Your World
o Leadership Decision Making (LDM)

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