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Paul McGowran

Membership LevelAccredited Trainer Member
Phone Number07740506667
Practice/Training LocationsCumbria

Paul is the owner and director of Seek First Ltd

Having successfully applied NLP across a wide range of business scenarios and built a reputation for a no-nonense approach to developing CEO's and future leaders. Paul is a much sought after executive coach and leadership consultant.

Committed to the development of Collaborative Business Relationships Paul and his colleagues have pioneered the creation of development programmes that support the building of a collaborative culture within complex organisational settings.

After years of getting clients to make changes in various settings and being asked to define what the formula for my success is I put down on paper what it is that I do that makes the difference.

The Proactive Space is the result.

The simplicity of the Proactive Space approach is immediately obvious to anyone that comes into contact with it. The breadth and depth of the approach creates long lasting awareness and understanding that will never leave you and will result in your perception of events being changed permanently. By choosing to work from the Proactive Space, life will just be easier and more enjoyable. Why would you choose any other outcome?

There is a Science and an Art to the Proactive Space. There is not a lot that is ‘new’ in the Science of this approach, the systems, ideas, processes, methodologies, tools and techniques have been around for decades and in some cases, centuries. The Art of this approach is the new bit. The art of the Proactive Space is in how the approach is delivered with Individuals, Teams and Organisations.

If you want to experience life for the Proactive Space give me a call on 07740506667 or drop me an email to:


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