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Introduction to NLP

Date: 22nd Feb 2019
Location: Carlisle


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Paul McGowran
Email: listen@seekfirst.co.uk
Phone: 07740506667



An Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)




You may have heard of the outstanding results that Neuro Linguistic Programming can have in people’s personal and professional lives.




Come and experience why more and more people are using NLP to enhance their lives both professionally and personally on this one-day introductory course. This is your chance to discover the powerful principles of NLP and apply them to your life.




We are offering you an opportunity to discover leading edge empowerment tools for personal and competitive advantage.  NLP offers a range of fast and effective tools for everyday business scenarios - motivation, coaching, selling, confidence building, negotiating, conflict resolution, time management, leadership, influencing-  situations where the quality and effectiveness of the relationship is crucial to getting exceptional results.




Who will be attending this seminar?




You are someone who wants to achieve greater results as you further advance your skills in communication. Whatever you do in life, this course will suit you if you are interested in personal growth and wanting to improve your communication skills. You may be someone who has already experienced NLP training and are committed to keeping your own development in the area fresh and up to date.




What will you learn on the day?


  • The background and underlying principles of NLP – ‘the mindset for success’
  • How to set achievable goals
  • How to motivate yourself and others
  • How to build rapport with anyone
  • Representational Systems – How do you think? In Pictures, Words or Feelings?
  • How to influence more effectively
  • How to gain greater understanding of someone else’s position. For example: in negotiation, sales or in relationships generally
  • How to feel how you want to feel at any time


Our commitment to your learning




At the beginning of the day we determine your personal outcomes and objectives and use these to guide our facilitation of each exercise.  Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to practise a number of NLP techniques which will provide immediate benefit as well as an understanding of how to apply this directly to your business and/or personal challenges.




The learning environment will be relaxed and informal yet highly informative. Numbers are restricted so you will receive a lot of support and attention. This is not a large impersonal seminar. Please come with a curiosity to learn lots about yourself and other people.




The cost of the course is £180.00 plus VAT,




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