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NLP 6 day Practitioner Course

Date: 21st - 26th Jun 2020
Location: Tring Hertfordshire


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Pip Thomas
Email: nudge@edgeNLP.co.uk
Phone: 07852191323


Before we dive in to your exciting and intensive week, you’ll have a bit of homework to do, but don’t worry – we’ll send you all your course materials well in advance. This means that when you arrive on day one you’ll already have an excellent understanding of the theory underpinning NLP and this allows us to get straight to the good stuff.

The following six days will be full on, hands-on, experiential work. You’ll roll up your sleeves and really dive into the tools and techniques that will facilitate those huge shifts for you. We train in groups of no more than 8 as this allows us to focus on each of our delegates individually. No hiding out down the back!

By the end of the week you will be tired, you will have gone through some pretty emotional stuff, but you will also be changed forever for the better. You’ll feel motivated, inspired and confident that you have all the tools you need in order to move forward with clarity and purpose in your life and business.

And who wouldn’t want that?

Do any of these statements ring a bell?

  • When you look around you see lots of confident, successful people doing great things in their business and building a life they love. You think to yourself, I’d like to be like that.
  • Sometimes you wonder if you’re speaking another language? You just don’t seem to be able to communicate what you feel or understand what others are saying to you.
  • You’re not getting the results you want for your business and you’re not entirely sure why
  • You wish you understood how to pull yourself out of that funk you occasionally fall in to.
  • You’d love to just leave the past where it is and move forward to better things. You know there’s some baggage that’s weighing you down.


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