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NLP practitioner Program

Date: 10th - 14th Aug 2019
Location: Jaipur, India


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Ranjit Khuller
Email: ranjit@sproutschange.com
Phone: +91 9772208226


You Are Invited to Put NLP into Practice

When you attend you’ll learn some revolutionary content… For instance:
You will learn how to use your skills to improve and enhance communication, rapport building and goal setting. This alone could see your income double in the coming twelve months.
You’ll discover how to deal with people who perceive the world differently from you. This will improve relations with your peers, bosses, customers and new prospects. This will mean a much happier life, full of fun.
If you are a professional you’ll understand the structure of beliefs, identity and new and effective ways to assist your clients in achieving rapid and lasting positive change.
What you learn will improve your health immensely. As you improve yourself your stress level goes down and your income increases. Your communication skills grow and consequently your health.
And much much more.

Key Benefits:

• How to Make People Instantly Like You

• To Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

• How to Overcome the Obstacles In Your Life

• To Take Your Life to the Next Level

• How To Get What You Want From Life

• To Unleash Your Full Potential

• To Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

• To Create Instant Motivation for Yourself and Others

• Discover How To Love & LIve Your Life!

• Clear any fear or phobia with powerfull fear buster technique!

• Install new positive habits in life!

Who should Attend?

Enterpenures / Managemnt : To know how to create and sustain success with motivated team.
Professionals (Doctors/ teachers etc. : What all patterns that are helping them professionally and which all need to be changed to achieve excellence in life.
Trainers : To know what audience say and what that means. Build rapport with audiance with easy techniques.
Housewives : How to Overcome the Obstacles In Your Life and create a positive impression.
Students : To Unleash Your Full Potential and build a strong goal setting with full involvement of both mind and body.

And anyone who wants to make a difference in their life and don't know how to do so.

Who is hosting the workshop?

The workshop is being organised by Sprouts Change Management Pvt Ltd. a training and management consultancy.


The workshop charges are INR 35000/- Only. For any query or looking for any detail, feel free to connect with us at +91-9783422555 or +91-9772208226. Your contribution will support facilitators and organisers for their work.


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