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Secrets of Sales Excellence with NLP

Date: 18th Aug 2019
Location: Jaipur, India


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Ranjit Khuller
Email: ranjit@sproutschange.com
Phone: +91 9772208226


*Secrets of Sales Excellence with NLP - Workshop*

Its one day introductory training on how we can achieve sales excellence and earn in abundance.

In Sales, no two customers are the same so is the way to sell your product or services to them. Top 1% sales people have extraordinary ability to understand their buyer's needs and flexibility to switch their selling tactics that would work best in the situation. In the industry that is changing so rapidly, a sales professionals have to deal with more data, knowledge and technology than ever available. Yet, the single most factor that make or break a deal is the human interaction. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the new age tool that empowers you to first understand the self and then others to maximize your life potential in any field where human mind is involved. Ranjit Singh Khuller, the author of book "Secrets of Sales Excellence with NLP" has simplified the fundamentals and application of NLP to help Sales professionals reach their highest level. Ranjit Singh is now bringing his NLP secrets in the form of a unique experiential workshop that will equip Sales people with skills to enhance their career to the fullest.

1. How NLP is revolutionizing the Sales industry. (Intro)

2. Know your unique starting point to win in Sales (Understanding Self with Logical Levels)

3. Discover and sharpen your own Sales artillery (Identify and value strengths)

4. Changing your reality of success in selling (Beliefs create our destiny)

5. Design your own pathway to reach top position in Sales (Clear vision for assured success)

6. Secret door to enter into Buyer's mind (Know your representation system)

7. Catch buying signals like a radar (Understand clients better - meta programs)

8. Building the non-verbal trust with your body language (Connect mind and body)

9. Developing winning sales habits (Acquire new habits with ease)

10. Turning objections to selling points (Re-framing)

11. Simple way to use power of visualization (Live your meeting in advance)

12. Two simple steps to turn your sales representatives to sales warriors (For Sales Managers) (Art of Feedback, Appreciate generously and genuinely)

About Facilitator:

Ranjit Singh Khuller is certified NLP trainer with Ashok Subramanian NLP pioneer in India, Ms. Catherine Brau, Gestalt Therapist, Yoga trainer from France and Uta Langley NLP Trainer and coach from Singapore.He is professional member with ANLP(UK).

Ranjit Singh Khuller is a management consultant and an innovative human resource trainer with niche areas of expertise &contributions. He is implementing result oriented customized projects in Corporate, Institutions and Individuals to enable business success through people & management process excellence. He has about 15 years of training and sales experience and last 10 years devoted to NLP. To spread the applications of NLP among the walks of life, Ranjit along with offering classroom trainings and workshops, he also wrote book. He is an author of the book “Secrets of sales excellence with NLP”.

Ranjit is a Professionally Certified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner & Trainer. To experience & understand applied human psychology he has also undergone the BLHP and ALHP workshops conducted by ISABS (Indian Society of Applied and Behavioural Science). The rich experience from those laboratories and made him work on himself at intrinsic level & understand the deep-rooted feelings and expressions levels to understand people better and assist them to grow further. He is specialized in individual and group and train the trainer trainings.

for more details visit www.sproutschange.com

Who is hosting the workshop?

The workshop is being organised by Sprouts Change Management Pvt Ltd. a training and management consultancy.


The workshop charges are INR 1200/- Only. For groups more than 5 in number can avail special group discount. For any query, feel free to connect with us at +91-9783422555 or +91-9772208226. Your contribution will support facilitators and organisers for their work.


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