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Ricka Van Zyl

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Phone Number27117823566
Practice/Training LocationsRoosevelt Park, Johannesburg, SA

Ricka originally started her career in research and people development consulting. She has well over two decades of diverse professional experience with a variety of roles in business – from personality and thinking style research, career consulting, training and course development, business analysis, business process re-engineering to managing specialist teams in the Financial Services industry.

She obtained a Bachelor of Arts and an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of South Africa. She also obtained various qualifications in business management.

She is a certified NLP Practitioner as well as Executive and Business Coach and for the last few years are providing coaching services via her own business, Yemanya Centre. Using her years of experience she adds a very special flavor by combining various modalities to provide clients with a solution that is tailor made for their needs, specifically to align their deepest aspirations with realistic outcomes, whether related to their world of thoughts, emotions, relationships, communication, career or business.

Combined with coaching, she also provides business clients with training solutions and consulting services, all focused on resource development and growth. A mindful approach to changing thought processes is a the foundation for growing a business, whether the focus is on leadership, productivity, career advancement or communication skills.


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