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Robert Sanders

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Phone Number07877 074053
Practice/Training LocationsHaywards Heath, West Sussex
Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex

Everybody changes - and that means you can become whatever you want.

We are all trying to do the best we can, and sometimes it is hard to keep our heads above water.

As a Master Coach and Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, I can help you overcome the things that have held you back, find your true purpose and potential and achieve the things you really want to do.

Along the way we can let go of painful emotions. We can deal with phobias, habits, lack of confidence and anxiety.
We can become healthy, fit and find our true beauty.
We can find real motivation and commitment.

What my clients say:

Kathryn, Haywards Heath

"I was introduced to NLP by a colleague, to help with the general anxiety I had been feeling for quite some time. I was keen to try a more positive approach than therapy I had experienced previously. In the past 6 months since working with Robert I have come further than I thought possible back then!
"Timeline therapy worked quickly to help me draw a line under negativity from the past, and Robert has equipped me with a number of practical ways to help me manage things better going forward. This has positively impacted on my general wellbeing and my close relationships. I also learned a lot about myself and what's important to me through the coaching exercises.
"I no longer feel that anxiety is a problem for me, it's just a case of understanding and managing things better which I am now able to do."


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