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NLP Intensive

Date: 28th Oct - 2nd Nov 2019
Location: Edinburgh (Addison Mains) Scotland


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Sue Knight
Email: sue@sueknight.com


An Intensive Programme which you undertake at Practitioner, Master Practitioner OR Trainer level ..

What else and where else could be more special at this time of the year.

MODELLING is the core of NLP and this is your chance to immerse yourself in modelling excellence, with Sue Knight and Lesley, in Edinburgh. And as part of a small group you there will be plenty of personal tuition, allowing you to get to the heart of NLP—the modelling of excellence. If you haven't studied NLP before this a great place to start. And for the more experienced (those of you wishing to qualify as a Master Practitioner or as a Trainer of NLP) you will learn how to teach and facilitate these skills.
In learning how to model you are learning to discover resources (which might include beliefs, attitude, emotional state, skills, sense of self and purpose) whenever and wherever you want them. And how do you learn to do this? By learning to model yourself and those you admire.
Modelling is a way of studying excellence, particularly the unconscious parts of what it is that makes a difference between great and good.
Every programme is a unique journey, with each participant choosing their modelling focus and models of excellence who inspire them. If you are not sure what NLP can really do for you this course will provide the answer.
We commit to working with you on this programme in a way that encourages you to live life to the full and to realise your true vocation in all that you do. Our approach is associated, experiential and challenging. We work ‘real time’ so that we learn continuously from what is happening in our work and in our lives today and more especially in our interactions and life together at this time.
This programme is one of the most innovative applications of NLP in business and life today.
It is impossible to tell you all about this in one mail so talk to us about to learn more if you wish.
Book your ticket for this very special journey with Sue Knight and Lesley McDonald in Edinburgh.
Contact me directly for more information sue@sueknight.com


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