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NLP 4 Day Practitioner Course

Date: 12th - 15th Oct 2019
Location: Brighton


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Terry Elston
Email: terryelston@nlpworld.co.uk
Phone: 0844 057 0392


The four day option was developed for people who just didn't have the time to spare seven straight days. That's purely NLP. What you'll miss out on is Time Based Techniques (TBT) and the Hypnosis section.

Here's a link:

It is an intensive course, where you will be asked to relinquish control of learning and developing to your deeper mind. That can be a huge leap for some people, so make sure you are ready for such a journey of self-development.

Our NLP Practitioner Certification training will enable you to use NLP techniques in business, coaching, therapy and in health to help create the results you want in life.

What's on the program?

We train the whole curriculum of NLP. If you want to know the lineage, it's from Richard Bandler, Tad James, David Shepherd plus my favourite trainer John Overdurf.

Who are we accredited by?

AIP (Association of Integrative Psychologists, USA), CPD, The International Coaches Register (ICR), Comensa and The Coaching Society. ANLP (UK) require 50 hours face to face, so to get their approval you would have to add on a workshop - or TBT and Hypnosis at a later date. Contact us if unsure.

Basically it was my intention to make your certification as valuable as possible, worldwide!

You have the chance to add life coaching to your certificates. Have a look at this link:

The four days are identical to the first four days of the seven day course, so you get the whole of the NLP curriculum with nothing left out.

The full cost of the Four Day NLP Practitioner Training starts at £870 for the first twelve people, then £970, and progressively increases until it reaches £1670. Basic message is, if you are thinking about it, get in touch to answer your questions, then book!

Schedules and booking page here:


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