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The Hero’s journey

Date: 5th - 6th Oct 2019
Location: UKCPD, Swindon


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Tony Nutley
Email: info@ukcpd.net
Phone: 01793 511180 (Swindon) / 0203 507 0174 (London)


The Hero’s Journey

Two days Training: £295.00 plus vat

The Hero’s journey is a universal blueprint for learning and change – it is OUR story. You will discover the work of Joseph Campbell and the key stages of the journey as well as how it can be used as a model for personal mastery and to coach or facilitate change in others.

We will explore how NLP tools and techniques can be used within the Hero’s Journey framework to create real and lasting change. Pre-framing the change (planning ahead), understanding why sometimes there is reluctance, identifying required resources, developing motivation and commitment to “cross the threshold to adventure”, anticipating challenges and celebrating success.

You will leave fully prepared and looking forward to the next stage of your own hero’s journey and clear about how to use the model to guide others on their journeys.

You will learn…

  • The key stages of the Hero’s Journey
  • How to apply the journey metaphor to yourself and in 1:1 work with clients as a coaching framework
  • How NLP tools and change techniques can be applied within the framework.

This two-day workshop is a must for all working as a professional Coach, NLP Practitioner HR and Trainer professionals or any other client-focused practice.

The two-day programme is presented by Melanie Richens, Melanie has been a key speaker at the ANLP conference and her book THE HERO’S JOURNEY is a best seller.

Details Here: https://ukcpd.net/course/the-heros-journey/ 


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