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Introduction to iWAM Plus Metaprogrammes Workshop

Date: 21st - 22nd Sep 2019
Location: UKCPD, Swindon


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Tony Nutley
Email: info@ukcpd.net
Phone: 01793 511180 (Swindon) / 0203 507 0174 (London)


Introduction to iWAM Plus Meta Progarmmes

iWAM Coaching

Two Day Workshop: £295.00 plus vat

This two-day workshop will introduce you the powerful Psychometric Profiling tool the iWAM.  The investment for this content-rich workshop includes the fee for your personal iWAM report.  Each delegate will be sent a link to the online platform to completer their personal profile and this will be given to them on the day and explored and interpreted during the workshop.

The Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM) is a questionnaire used for job-related activities, such as recruitment, coaching and training projects. It is based on meta-programmes, a model of thinking styles (48 parameters are measured and explained). (Additional information on the iWAM profiling tool can be found here)

What are meta-programmes?

We all operate from a set of values.  What one individual values as important may be very different from another.  Our values reveal themselves as patterns in what we say, how we say it and what we do. These intrinsic values (or drivers) are often referred to as meta-programmes.

Understanding what motivates ourselves and others (and adapting our behaviour accordingly) is often the key to achieving goals – it certainly removes a significant element of chance.

What iWAM does

The iWAM is a unique online assessment tool designed to measure motivational and attitudinal patterns in the work-context that directly influence:

  • What you sense and experience from the world around youiWAM
  • How you interpret what you experience
  • How you behave and communicate as a result.

In other words, the iWAM helps explain, predict, and influence performance at work by assessing what you pay attention to, how you think, and how you prefer to behave.

How it can work for you

The iWAM report shows a person’s strengths and areas of development in the work context in terms attitude and motivation.  It also shows how this person might behave in various tasks, such as administration, customer contact or managerial tasks.

Our team are trained and qualified to administer the iWAM instrument and to coach clients to use the results to develop their careers and anticipate and deal with any issues.

For individuals, the report helps them to understand what motivates them and what makes a good day at work.  Why some tasks are “easy” and others require more effort.

For organisations, we can produce reports to assist with recruitment or to enable you to better understand individuals or teams.  When you know the motivational and attitudinal patterns of a person, you can predict their performance in particular roles or tasks and you will know how to motivate them and keep them motivated

We can also produce team reports combining the individual preferences to give a single report demonstrating the team’s strengths.

These reports assist teams in seeing and appreciating the strengths within the team and to value diversity so that points of difference are seen as strengths. Managers can appreciate how to motivate individual team members and the group as a whole thereby becoming more effective as managers and leaders.

The test is conducted online – we will send you an invitation by email allowing you to log onto the JobEQ portal in order to take the test.  It typically takes 20-30 minutes to complete.  Once complete, we have immediate access to the results and we can then arrange a coaching session to discuss the results.

How is iWAM different to other assessments?

It is targeted

The iWAM produces unique and powerful results by focussing on the meta-programme filters.  Unlike tests that measure traits such as personality, the patterns assessed by the iWAM are context specific.  We all know people who are highly organised at work, but chaotic at home!  By keeping the context solely focussed on work the report can be highly specific, avoiding the “broad brush” approach adopted by other tools.

It improves communication
iWAM explains the implications of the results in terms of work relationships and communication For each pattern measured, iWAM recommends motivational language to be used –
or avoided – for effective communication.

iWAM compares one’s results to a standard group (people who have taken the test in your work country) to provide invaluable information about how others actually see us.

No boxes and no lettersAI Business Excellence AwardAI Business Excellence Award

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Unlike other tests, the iWAM does not put people in boxes: each person has a unique fingerprint of motivational and attitudinal patterns.  People don’t fit into just 2 categories, or 4, or even 16. Every person in the world is different, and a test must be able to reflect these differences.

The iWAM measures 48 cognitive patterns (meta-programmes), which are classified into 16 groups. The results are reported on a scale, so it won’t just say a person is “proactive” or “reactive.” Instead, it will show you just how proactive and reactive each person is.

Award Winning Service

In 2016, Acquisition International recognised our quality service and awarded us a prestigious Business Award “Best Psychometric Profiling -UK”.  Contact us for further details: https://ukcpd.net/course/introduction-iwam-plus-metaprogrammes-workshop/ 



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