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NLP and Hypnotherapy Accelerated 7 Day Practitioner Certification Training

Date: 3rd - 9th Mar 2012
Location: Cornwall UK


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Victoria Whitney
Email: victoria@victoriawhitney.com


7 Day Intensive NLP
Certification Training
Date: 3rd-9th March 2012
Location: Cornwall
Welcome to the preview of the Illuminating Training
NLP Practitioner Certification Programme.
We see NLP as both an art and a science.
As the artistry of change, creation, innovation and generativity -
inspired by curiosity and fuelled by wanton experimentation.
This artistry has a bed, a grounding element - the science, the
underlying order – together the two form a model, which has the
potential to solve anything if only we ask the right
questions and pay attention to the answers….
With the 7 day Practitioner Certification Programme you can take this
artistry and make it your own.
Firstly why would you want to study NLP?
Learning NLP is one of the most transformational experiences there
is. Attending an NLP Practitioner Training gives you a solid grasp of
why we do the things we do, and how you can do the things you do in
alignment with who you are to sift the speed, elegance and impact you
Are you curious about the human mind?
If you want to learn how the human mind really works,
what's really going on inside read on…..
Discovering the true connection between the mind and the body and how
this can be utilised in so many ways to transform physical health,
results we achieve, relationships and many more areas this is covered
on the Practitioner training. When you are thinking of studying NLP,
stepping onto the path of personal and professional growth and the
study of excellence. You are investing your time, energy and
resources so there are many considerations :
Who should you train with?
Should you do a 20-day or 7 day practitioner programme?
Where would you like to train which area are you in and is it of
value for you to invest time and energy in travelling to a really
good NLP institute?
Here at Illuminating Training what’s important to us is that you make
the right decision for you so that when you do decide to learn NLP
with us you know that you are making the right decision.
Why would you want to take the NLP Practitioner training
with us?
• When you do attend our 7 Day Practitioner Training you receive a
certification in NLP and Hypnosis and an introduction to your Time
Line and how this works for you personally.
An attractive combination, which afford you the ability to propel
your personal effectiveness to a whole new level.
• By attending our 7 Day Practitioner Training above a 20 day
programme you are saving yourself 13 days, that’s 13 days you can be
out there practicing - this alone is a good enough
reason! Though you’ll also be aware by the end of the training how
fast you actually learn… easily. So you have the same level and
quality of understanding and skill if not even more when
you do the 7 day Practitioner Certification Programme.
• The certifications you receive are recognised worldwide giving you
the flexibility to practice anywhere.
• Your Trainer at Illuminating Training is Victoria Whitney.
When you sign up for the 7 Day Practitioner Training you receive
telephone coaching from Victoria and on completion and certification
you are entitled to a one hour coaching session around establishing a
firm foundation from which you can build your next steps from.
This and inclusive telephone and mail coaching for the 1st year as a
Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis
• In addition you receive coaching from simple life solutions
exquisite Master Practitioner of NLP Hypnosis Trainer Sue Whitney
combined with highly qualified and experienced coaching assistants
from a variety of NLP specializms. To ensure you make the most of
your learning experience with us.
What will you learn?
The foundations of NLP
• Mind opening principles bringing fresh perspectives.
• The keys to communication, simple concept with huge applicability.
• What actually runs your body and what effect our thoughts have on
Rapport – the magic of influence
• What it takes to instantly connect with people in any given
• The body language myths explained
• Create unconscious identification with anyone anywhere.
• Use our body, your words and your voice to achieve this either
independently or together.
• Keys to maintaining agreement.
The Keys to achievable outcomes
• Gain clarity and congruence about what it is you and others really
• Save your business time energy and resources with this process
• Create goals and objectives, which actually support their
Representational systems – our sensory experience.
• Discovery of the variety of ways we experience the world.
• Learn the route to communication in the language people use inside,
matching this for
maximum results
• Learn to notice peoples eye movements and patterns and what this
tells you.
Submodalities – Fine tuning your brain!
• Attune to your brains own thinking language
• Discover how to simply change beliefs!
• How to turn a like into a dislike and vice versa
• Learn to do the famous SWISH to banish unwanted behaviors.
Language patterns - with punch
• How to use language to engineer results
• Learn the value of how you communicate when you do it with
• Patterns of language, which enable you to elegantly craft and
convey your real message to any audience.
• Modes of questioning which enable you to swiftly retrieve the
detail you want
• Negotiation models to increase your elegance and impact.
• Learn how to elegantly overcome objections and maintain agreement.
Anchoring – State management at your fingertips
• Resource anchoring, stacking useful states
• Collapse anchoring, banish unwanted states in self and others.
• Enable people to transform their speed of results by moving from
stuck states like
procrastination to motivation using chaining anchors.
Strategies – The machine behind the behavior
• Learn the value of the TOTE model.
• Learn how to elicit other peoples strategies
• Ramp up your sales process by utilizing strategies to sell with
Parts – The gateway to experiencing and delivering personal
• Learn how to work with parts
• Learn how to elegantly assist others in integrating parts
• Be astounded by the clarity and congruence this brings to yourself
and others
Hypnotherapist certification – As a Practitioner of Hypnosis
• Learn the prime directives of the unconscious mind
• The suggestability tests
• Use your existing rapport skills to transform your ability to carry
out non - verbal
• Work with the scripts of the Master Milton Erikson especially his
• The History of Hypnosis
• The general healing paradigm
• How to structure and embed Post Hypnotic suggestions.
• Dispelling any myths about who is in control during the Hypnosis
Time Line Therapy™ – Emotional Control is yours over a lifetime
Your personal experience of time line therapy (TM) releasing the
negative emotions Anger Sadness Fear Hurt and guilt form the past and
a Major life changing limiting decision being realsed.
How can you learn this in just 7 days?
Firstly as soon as you book on the Practitioner Training your
Training Begins when you receive a comprehensive pre study pack, this
is created by The Performance Partnership and Master Trainer David
Shephard and we use this because we believe the quality of this pre
study exceeds any other out there. Completing the pre study takes
approximately 70 hours. Every moment along the way you are building
your skills as a Practitioner of NLP so when complete you know you
are prepared fully for the Practitioner Training itself. The training
itself is a dynamic mix of informational learning and exercises.
Presented to you I a fun and energized way, which makes learning so
much easier. This way you will most definitely leave with your
certificates in hand, with an undeniable experience of knowing
everything you need to know as a Certified Practitioner of NLP,
Hypnosis. The training itself is a dynamic mix of informational
learning and exercises. Presented to you in a fun and informative
way, which makes learning so much easier.
Where is the Training?
In West Cornwall, within easy reach of Transport links like Newquay
Airport who now offers flights direct to London City Airport in
addition to National Rail Links, and road links from the A30
Who is Training me?
The Training is delivered by Victoria Whitney, who is inspiring and
enchanting as a trainer and motivational speaker and Coach and
Therapist. Victoria has Trained and assisted on Trainings
Nationally and Internationally so her experience really does know no
Victoria is a Certified Trainer on NLP, a Certified Instructor of
Hypnosis and a Master
Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ and The Creating your Future™
Coaching Process in
addition to being a certified NLP Coach, Reiki Master -Teacher Holds an LLB hons degree. Victoria is passionate about unlocking potential and aligning people with
their true authentic self so that can be who they want to be, do what
they want to do and have what they want to have.
In Victoria's words
"…Potential is something everyone has, and everyone has the
opportunity to realise it fully – in Walt Disneys words, ‘ if you can
Dream it, You can do it”….We all have dreams and we also have,
whether we are aware of them or not, infinite resources, to achieve
what we want to achieve - often we can find ourselves achieveing more
than we thought we could, and to do it consistently - NLP is a very
valid way to tapping into those resources whether as a client be it
Business or Personal or by Training as a Practitioner and Master
Practitioner to really extend your flexibility and create the results
you want in your life and assist others in doing the same..."
In simple terms If Walt Disney can Enchant the world with a Dream and
a mouse... Imagine what you can do with a little imagination, a
little illumination and a little attention in the right
direction. That’s right! Anything really is possible.

How much is this?
Our 2011 price is £1985 Plus £100 certification fee.

Early booking fee for the all bookings made within one month of the start date of the course

2011  early booking proce £1787 Plus £100 Certification fee.

Plus Already Certified Practitioners of NLP can REVIEW this course
with us for JUST £900! Plus Cert fee of £100 Who ever you have
studied with this is your opportunity to expand your
skills….** As Published on www.victoriawhitney.com 2011

Its always advisable to call us to enquire as we run variable
discounts throughout the year.

PLUS…. Yes there is MORE included in the NLP Practitioner
Certification Package!

When you sign up for our NLP Practitioner certification, and Receive
your Pre Study to make sure you maximize the learning experience for
you, your receive UNLIMITED coaching by telephone or email on the Pre
study by calling or emailing us at the SO lets add this up what is
included for just £1900 *
1.Manual with 14 audio and Visual CD’s Created by one of the world
leaders in NLP
2.Unlimited Coaching through the pre study before during the Training
3.7 Days Training with one of the brightest Trainers of NLP in the
West and Beyond
4.Small groups on Training to maximise the level of coaching and
Attention you receive from our highly trained coaching assistants.
7.Coaching support for your first year as a practitioner of NLP and
establishing yourself in whichever field you choose.
From the day of booking you will receive your pre study within 7
working days.
So call us now to get started on your NLP Practitioner Pre Study, and
taking the next step in your
personal evolution…
Illuminating Training Office On +44 1736 785868 ( 8 am - 5 pm ) or
Direct to Victoria on 077 99 33 43 92
Email - victoria@illuminatingtraining.co.uk


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