Clare Osborn

Clare Osborn


Freedom Coaching

What is my coaching about?

I realised that the most important thing to me was FREEDOM! Freedom to live in line with my values, freedom to live how and where I wanted and to work how and where I wanted.  There are so many things that make you feel stuck:

  • unhealthy habits
  • overwhelm
  • unhealthy relationships
  • jobs that dont make us happy
  • lack of direction
  • eco-anxiety
  • the list goes on…. 

I will help you to find clarity, achieve balance and get you consciously creating your best life in harmony with people and the planet.

Clear out the rubbish

It may feel counter-intuitive but the key to moving forward is often to STOP!  Take check and really figure out what is important to you and how you are creating the issues you face. Using a combination of mindfulness practice and coaching strategies I am here to help you find your way.  Through my coaching programme I help you to dive deep to acknowledge what is truly important to you and to grasp a clear vision of what motivates you.

Create freedom 

My coaching will help you to understand how you create your own experience of the world.  I will help you to identify your blocks and establish a new way of being that is in line with your true flow.  Once you can see that you are the only thing in the way of your true calling you can start to live life on your terms and have all the freedom you want.

Set and achieve goals

Once you are clear on what you want, why you want it and we have cleared the blocks that were getting in your way – we can set clear goals and achievable tasks.  I’ll help you to establish a strategy for regularly checking in with yourself and help you to create habits and routines that serve you better. I’ll be there with you to guide you through the bumps, celebrate the wins, embrace and learn from perceived failings and struggles and help you to THRIVE!

Ultimately I help you to step into your power and THRIVE!

Bespoke Coaching and Sustainability Workshops

I provide group coaching workshops in an ocean view location in Brighton, online or at your offices.

Although I could come to you, I encourage you to get out of your usual environment so that you can gain a fresh perspective.  Being by the ocean gives you clarity and space to think and getting out of your comfort zone helps you to engage with growth mindset.

Corporate Beach Cleans

I work collaboratively to provide beach cleaning ‘away days’ with a silent disco option. These can be curated alongside a range of workshops to provide your business with real value to take away.  The beach cleans support the local Surfers Against Sewage or Oceans 8 Brighton campaigns and a proportion of all beach clean profits go to support these community groups.  A great fun way to involve your business in Corporate Social Responsibility and create a sustable action plan that will boost your business, increase your green credentials and set you aside from your competitors.

Learn more about me and my journey here.



Joanna Harper

NLP Practitioner

Trained by Joanna Harper

NLP Coach

Trained by Joanna Harper

Specialist skills

  • Breakthrough Sessions
  • Business Coaching
  • Career Change
  • Confidence Building
  • Facilitation
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Leadership and Management
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Personal Resilience
  • Team Building
  • Time Line Work

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Clare is a wonderful practitioner, working with so much compassion and empathy. She has helped me make lasting change in my life and I would highly recommend her coaching to anybody.

In addition to being an amazing practitioner Clare's conservation work is an inspiration to us all.