Natalie Rea

Natalie Rea

Founder of Life Ladder Personal Development Platform, Master NLP Practitioner, Business Coach, Leadership Development Specialist, NLP Coach, Leadership Training, Speaker

At Life Ladder, our personal development and wellbeing platform helps individuals and businesses thrive.

Our vision is "Happiness and Success for Everyone, Everywhere."

We're on a mission to make personal development affordable and accessible for all.

Not everyone is ready for a course or 121 coaching, however they do have an interest in improving themselves.

Our platform uses NLP principles to provide powerful, transformational daily content to support members through a journey of our Seven Step Approach, bite size personal growth on a daily basis, accessible any time of the day or night.

Members enjoy monthly workshops with our expert coaching team, daily content with powerful learning activities, our kickstarter self-development pack and an exclusive community to support continual growth.

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NLP Practitioner

Trained by NLP World

NLP Master Practitioner

Trained by NLP World

NLP Coach

Trained by NLP World

Specialist skills

  • Business Coaching
  • Confidence Building
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Motivation
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Relationships
  • Sales
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building

Training offered

  • Introductory
  • Specialised Workshops

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A review by Lynne Plaza

Natalie worked as an assistant on a recent NLP training course I took recently, and I can honestly say I have never met a more inspirational, compassionate person; her encouragement and positivism are inspirational as well as infectious!

Natalie helped me to find my inner strengths, enabling me to stretch and grow as a person, and showed me how to help others along the way.

If ever I feel I am slipping into self-doubt, Natalie's smile is my anchor: it triggers me into a more resourceful state, and away I go!

I highly recommend Natalie: one of life's beautiful souls.

Lynne Plaza

A review by Benjamin Morton

Natalie is truly amazing...

If you are into personal development or would like a professional to support you or your business through change in some area then look no further.

I will always recommend this wonderful lady.

She is very talented in the transformational world - I experienced her work myself in a session and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her on a practitioner course I attended.

Book her NOW

Benjamin Morton
Marvellous Mindset

A review by Agata Palmer

I have met Natalie as an assistant on my NLP training, then experienced her as a role model in action during my course and also as her one-to-one client.

Natalie’s level of skill, combined with her incredible intuition, patience and deep compassion, make her one of the most effective facilitators of change I have come across.
It is an absolute pleasure to be with her, as trust comes easily and even most difficult things become possible or even easy, with her expert way of navigating you to your full potential. I am happy to highly recommended Natalie.

Agata Palmer

Lenka Hanzelova 1

A review by Lenka Hanzelova 1

Natalie is an amazing person and an NLP practitioner. She is a strong passion for life combined with positivity all around her. She has a great experience in using NLP techniques that she can use with any client dealing with any area of life or business. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a deep seated change in their life.

A review by Martin Pavion

Natalie has the amazing gift of being able to put people at ease when you first meet with her.

She is genuine and beautifully effective at bringing out the very best in people.

Highly skilled and hugely recommended.

Sarah O'Neill

A review by Sarah O'Neill

I became a personal client of Natalies through a recommendation from a friend.
When I started my journey with her I was nervous as I didn't know what to expect, however upon opening my door she immediately made me feel at ease with her being such a personable person.
It was explained to me that although the questions may seem unusual just go with it and say whatever comes into my mind. I found out new things about myself and developed new skills to help me change areas of my life . It was a calming yet inspirational morning.
As a result of our meeting I have managed to make changes subconsciously and feel much more empowered to do so.
If you are looking for a fresh approach to rid yourself of old problems/habits go for it you won't regret it.

A review by Terry H Elston

Natalie is a fantastic lover of self-development and change techniques. Her mind is completely geared up to assist, provide space and facilitate transformation.

What makes all of her abilities come together is the passion she has for her life as well as others. This NLP does not work without a human being at the heart of it. And heart is what Natalie has plenty of!

Comes thoroughly recommended.

Terry Elston