Paul Goodwin

Paul Goodwin

Paul is a certified NLP Practioner, certified Hypnotherapist and certified Time Line Therapist. With a prior 20 year career in web design working as the Lead Designer for Sheila’s Wheels and Creative Director for a Brighton-based digital agency, Paul specialises in working with creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Paul’s expertise includes working with agency owners, small business owners, freelancers, musicians, artists and senior managers to overcome personal challenges and achieve ambitious life goals.

Having experienced first hand the pressures that creatives operating in both a fast-paced corporate and dynamic agency environment are under, Temple Coaching is on a mission to transform lives.


NLP Practitioner

Trained by Terry Elston

NLP Coach

Trained by Terry Elston

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A review by Terry H Elston

Paul is a fantastic person as well as Practitioner of NLP. His attention to quality and integrity make the work he does even more qualified in its appraisal.

Comes thoroughly recommended.

Terry Elston

NLP Trainer, Trainer of Time Based Techniques and Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy.