Paul Goodwin

Paul Goodwin

Hi, I've just joined ANLP.

Paul is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, certified Hypnotherapist and certified Time Line Therapist. With a prior 20 year career in web design working as the Lead Designer for Sheila’s Wheels and Creative Director for a Brighton-based digital agency, Paul specialises in working with creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Paul’s expertise includes working with agency owners, small business owners, freelancers, musicians, artists and senior managers to overcome personal challenges and achieve ambitious life goals.

Having experienced first hand the pressures that creatives operating in both a fast-paced corporate and dynamic agency environment are under, Temple Coaching is on a mission to transform lives.


NLP Practitioner

Trained by Terry Elston

NLP Coach

Trained by Terry Elston

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Past Life Regression

I did a past life regression with Paul to help me understand and resolve my constant survival / fight or flight state which I had a sense was also part of trauma that has been passed on through my ancestors. The session was mind blowing and some very unexpected things came up! I explored a very distressing event from a past life and Paul helped me feel safe the whole time. His strong intuition helped me resolve this memory and find a sense of safety in the middle of this chaotic memory. Since our session, my anxiety has reduced dramatically and I rarely experience the physical sensations of fight or flight anymore. I couldn't thank him enough!

Excellent hypnotherapy experience

Paul facilitated an excellent hypnotherapy experience with me. He has a very skilful approach to inducing very deep states of relaxation that I did not want to come out of! Paul makes you feel immediately at ease and you get a strong sense that he truly cares about you. I've noticed a massive shift since working with Paul and would very much recommend working with him! Thanks again Paul.

Amazing Hypnosis Session!

I recently worked with Paul on working towards a particular outcome which at the time I could not possibly foresee. Paul understood the nature of my issue and conducted the session in a calm, professional manner. Paul is really easy to talk to and understanding. We worked through some limitations of mine and made sure the outcome I was seeking was achievable. Paul then conducted the session of hypnosis which had me relax very fast and quite honestly has me go on quite an inner journey. By the end of the session the goal which was at first unattainable now was a formality. This has had a profound impact on my behaviour and I am now working more towards this goal more than ever and I feel my time with Paul has heavily influenced this. I highly recommend Paul, he is a loving soul and is perfect for this line of work. Thank you Paul!

Amazing Session!!!!

I absolutely love working with Paul! I worked with him a few times and I always get amazing results...... Paul knows his stuff, he is an amazing guy and very professional. He's friendly, calm and also very intuitive. You feel really comfortable with him and he puts you at ease straight away, he's down to earth and someone you can connect with. His knowledge and expertise shines through. I am very bless to know Paul. He has helped me unblock some trauma that I'd be holding onto for a long time. Paul is great, he trusts his intuition and he's always spot on.. I cant thank him enough. Would highly recommend, thanks Paul....

Smiling again when thinking about working indoors

For a really long time I struggled to get myself motivated enough to be productive on my computer after working hours (even though it's necessary) - so many distractions and looking basically at a wall isn't my thing. Paul managed to merge my love for walking barefoot and being in the sun with working indoors - which is incredible as these two didn't got for me together. Now when I am thinking about getting on my computer I am enthusiastic and see even the fun part in it.
This is a huge change for me. Highly recommend.

Helped me to let go of guilt

I have had 2 massive sessions with Paul. Both were lifechanging. He helped me to let go of guilt I had carried for years giving me clarity and strength to continue in a challenging family situation. He also did work on relationships with me, helping me to identify what I need and desire and and give me balance that has simply changed my life. Whatever you issue I am confident to recommend Paul to help you!

Effective outcomes working with Paul

Working with Paul has changed my outlook on myself, my family and life as a whole.

Thanks to the effective session with him, I now feel much more relaxed and focused in all aspects of my life. Where I would once worry and become anxious about many things, I now feel calm and ready to deal with whatever life has to throw at me.

Paul has been a huge help and his manner and attitude have been exemplary. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or unable to say how I really felt. As someone who would overthink more than I let on, I can honestly say my approach to life is now very different and this has helped tremendously in both my personal and professional life.

A very big thank you to Paul for all he has done.

A huge break through.

I cannot thank Paul enough. I was stuck and frustrated in many areas of my life.
Paul opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

Joanna Prior

Highly recommended!

I feel so lucky to have found Paul! On meeting him to work on my anxiety, I felt his confidence straight away, which quickly instilled my trust. I felt Paul really ‘held’ me in an unobtrusive and comfortable way so that I could access what was needed for me.
In Paul's strong facilitation of a timeline journey, I was able to visit memories I was already aware of but had never before recognised the impact of, or stepped into them on my terms.

As someone who has 'worked on myself' over years of talking therapy, I can honestly say the results I continue to feel weeks after the session are priceless!

At work I have a renewed enthusiasm and feel like an equal in my team for the first time. I feel worthy and professional for the first time. All things I rationally & realistically knew but did not authentically feel before.

More generally I am finding confidence and self-respect creeping into situations I had not noticed it was even missing; what a gift! Life is essentially 'enhanced'.

Thank You Paul.

A Review by Cameron Bradley

Paul is an exceptional NLP Practitioner and he helped me discover and rid myself of some shoaled limiting beliefs curiously unbeknownst to me; doing so in a relaxed and confident way and I felt completely at home throughout the session. I also appreciated Paul’s thoroughness when we did time-line work and he came-across as a natural in comprehending and supporting me to reframe the more abstruse stuff that I was attempting to articulate in the early part of the session before helping me to find my “feet” so to speak by the end.

Paul is a trustworthy boatman of the fluid dynamics of the unconscious mind and a trip with Paul is well worth the fare.

Cameron Bradley

NLP Practitioner.

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