Philip Underwood

Philip Underwood

Philip's been involved in NLP since the late seventies. He's a Master Practitioner, Certified NLP Trainer and Registered Hypnotherapist. He's lectured throughout Europe to major corporations on various aspects of NLP, stress and personal development. He's mentor and coach to many business executives and sports professionals, his unique style has earned him the reputation as the man who produces results!

Philip runs a 20 day NLP Practitioner and an 18 day Master Practitioner Course each year, these are conducted, one weekend a month and the costs spread over the 10 to 12 months duration of the course. This makes learning easier to absorb and you can learn while you earn.


NLP Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner

Trained by Paul McKenna Training Ltd

NLP Trainer

Trained by John Seymour

Specialist skills

  • Business Coaching
  • Change Management Strategies
  • Confidence Building
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Motivation
  • Phobias
  • Presentation Skills
  • Relationships
  • Sales
  • Sports Performance
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building

Training offered

  • Introductory
  • Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner
  • Specialised Workshops

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Shirley Hemmings 1

A review by Shirley Hemmings 1

I am a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I had an interest in finding out more about NLP and adding some additional tools to my kit. A psychotherapist colleague met Philip and said that he was amazing...... and he certainly is.

I signed up and joined Philip for the Practitioner training last September and I have not been disappointed. Especially because I work with short term (4, 5 or 6 session) counselling for work place employees, using NLP for developing calming and stabilising techniques has been invaluable for my client work.

Philip is always prepared to “go the extra mile” and offer me advice and support to help me to develop my practice. Philip’s course is professionally structured and I have been provided with a wealth of information that is straightforward to read, understand and integrate.

I would not hesitate to recommend this training to counsellors and psychotherapists. If you undertake this training, you will most certainly not be disappointed...... Go on, give it a go!


A review by Anonymous

I first came across Philip through some Relaxation classes he used to run on a Tuesday evening when I was going through a difficult period.
The classes really helped and I became intrigued by the NLP course and decided to join.

I have found that the course has really helped me in understanding myself and giving me the courage and confidence to deal with my own issues in a more positive way.

Whether I eventually decide to become a therapist or whether I just use NLP for myself and friends and family, I have found the course very beneficial and will also miss the NLP weekends when they finish!

Chris Coney

A review by Chris Coney

I am on the cusp of completing Philip's Progressive NLP course and I am a little sad at the thought.

It was one of those funny instances really. I was given the brochure for Philip's course by a friend and out of all the NLP courses I'd looked at, there was just something about this one that drew me in.

This course is absolutely incredible for both personal development and for equipping yourself with the ability to provide very effective therapy.

There are NLP trainers, there are masters, and then there's Philip.

If it's within your power, do whatever it takes to get on this course. You'll soon find yourself right back here writing your own testimonial and desperately trying not to make it sound too good to be true.


A review by Anonymous

Philip is a truly remarkable individual, he has personally helped me first as a therapist to help me overcome many limiting beliefs and to improve personal patterns of behaviour to enable me to become a more effective and hopefully more likable individual.

When I heard that Philip was offering the course to enable me to learn more about and better understand the techniques involved I signed up immediately.

I particularly liked the format of learning over a year. The course is so packed with useful information it would be impossible to take it on board for me in any other way. Doing it one weekend a month has enabled me to take away new understanding and apply it immediately and then build on it month by month.

Add to this Philips 30 years of knowledge and unique insight into all aspects of what I would call accelerated personal development techniques and you have a truly unique course which offers exceptional value for money to anyone who wants to learn and then make use of what they have learnt.

To benefit themselves and all those people they come into contact with.


A review by Anonymous

I am nearing completion of the practitioner's course and I can honestly say that it has been a life-changing experience. I have learnt so much about myself and how to interact more effectively with others. I am better able to control my reactions to triggers and this has enriched my life greatly. I look forward to every course weekend eagerly. Philip created a warm, safe, stimulating environment from the start. The friendly, informal atmosphere makes for a highly enjoyable learning experience.

Although I am looking forward to qualifying and helping others, I shall almost be sorry when the course ends. I will definitely be enrolling on the Master Practitioner course.