Raphaelle Hernu

Raphaelle Hernu

Sustainable Performance & Mental Fitness Coach & Consultant | NLP Master Practitioner

Raphaelle is a coach & consultant in Sustainable Performance & Mental Fitness. She set up Strengthwise for people & their businesses to get into a sustainable performing mindset, stay fully engaged & resourceful. She retrained after a 20 yr career in finance, in Paris & London. She lives between London & Monaco.

Main achievements she's guiding clients into are:
✔︎ Building continuous energy & drive
✔︎ Getting more comfortable with change & unpredictability
✔︎ Improving sustainable results & performance
✔︎ Developing self-esteem & appreciation of others
✔︎ Supporting a sense of safety & connection
✔︎ Providing tools to integrate values in everyday life
✔︎ Turning a sense of “fitting out” into a unique talent

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NLP Master Practitioner

Trained by Toby&Kate McCartney Training

NLP Coach

Trained by The Coaching Organisation

Specialist skills

  • Business Coaching
  • Confidence Building
  • Culture Change
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership and Management
  • Motivation
  • Organisational Development
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Strategic Coaching
  • Time Line Work

Spoken languages

  • English

Practice/Training Locations

London, Monaco

Offers virtual sessions

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Supportive and empathising habit mentor/coach

Habit maker-breaker: Raphaelle has been very good at encouraging me to start a journey of habits discovery, good habits appreciation as well as encouraging me to develop and benefit from habits that support my health, wellbeing and feminine balance.

Her enthusiasm, knowledge and drive was infectious and constructively persuasive as well as supportive. Very pleased I gave the new way of looking at life a chance with Raphaelle as I feel I saved myself time, frustration and heartache.

Trusting a professional with one’s life is not something I do often but now, I might even consider myself a convert. Thank you Raphaelle.

Samantha Lehner

Super positive energy

I had a few NLP/ coaching sessions with Raphaelle, which were extraordinary. She really understood what I was going through and really helped me connect with my body and emotions. She was also amazing guiding me through visualisation exercises. I’ve never been able to see visualisation images so clear as with her. I can still picture those images exactly and feel how I was feeling back then. She thought me some very valuable methods of relaxing myself. Raphaelle is very understanding and has a great positive and relaxed energy. Highly recommend her for one to one sessions.

I’ve also been attending her weekly Q&A sessions for over a year and they’re just great! She really includes and involves everybody and always has super insightful topics about work/life balance, emotions, communication and many other day to day topics that you wouldn’t discuss with just everyone but she makes the sessions feel very relaxed and everybody on there is always happy to share their experiences because of the great environment Raphaelle creates. I’ve learnt a lot during her sessions. These are also highly recommended!

Thank you Raphaelle for all of your guidance and support!!

[Name withheld]

Highly recommend

Just before meeting Raphaelle, I was going through a challenging post-divorce period, caring for my two children almost 24/7 and running my own business. If one can imagine an overwhelm and stress, this was it!

I was fearful, a procrastinator, often too afraid to try new things and failing, overwhelmed with life events and challenges, and this included financial problems. I used to defeat my efforts when encountering an obstacle and give up. Raphaelle offered simple solutions and gave me courage. She helped me re-frame my thoughts of despair and victimization and look at life with a new perspective of strength and hope. She helped me understand my life ‘roadblocks’ are signposts on how to move forward, and that there's hope. Most of all, Raphaelle helped me internalize that I have the resources to make something happen.

Raphaelle was there for me with support when the world breaks your heart. Whenever I feel the weight of despair and hopelessness, I know I can turn to Raphaelle and that I am going to be back on track. Her coaching gives me encouragement and tools and motivates me to make a change. Each time I am about to give up, in the midst of life chaos, she’d offer her support giving logic and encouragement to what seemed hopeless.

Raphaelle added a whole new dimension to my thinking and she helped me discover a clear vision of what I want both my personal and professional life to be and the steps I need to take to get there.

Maud Pons

Praise for Raphaelle

The work I did with Raphaelle was astounding. Through a thoughtful and settled approach, she managed to unlock my memories and therefore modify my approach and reactions. Thanks to effective NLP targeted exercices, I was able to revisit some early life traumas and make peace with them. It has enable me to identify some triggers and manage my anxiety whenever it arises. I am extremely grateful for the progress I made with her and highly recommend working with her.

I have not yet reviewed any books.