Viktoria Vamosi

Viktoria Vamosi

Personalised Nutritional Therapy & Coaching

Viktoria Vamosi completed her bachelor's degree in Nutritional Medicine at West London University in 2011 and her master's degree in Personalised Nutrition at Middlesex University in collaboration with CNELM in 2015, and she is a certified NLP practitioner. Her interest in nutrition started in 2003 after feeling continuously under pressure regarding her weight and looks following an international career in the world of fashion. Living the life of a model in many countries gave her useful, first-hand insights on the impacts that various diets and lifestyle choices can have on people. Her personal experience of numerous, recurrent illnesses, hormonal disfunction, fatigue and depression may have been a necessary part of why she chose the rigourous training path to become a professional in the field of Nutritional Therapy. Based on this experience she has a passion for working with chronic, lifestyle mediated illnesses and have a deep belief that nutrition and lifestyle choices play a key role in prevention and sustainable wellbeing. Her personal vision is to best understand how to effectively empower people to take responsibility for their health. She strongly believes that Nutritional Therapy and NLP are great tools that can help anyone feel motivated, confident and more in control. 


NLP Practitioner

Trained by Tony Nutley

Training offered

  • Diploma

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