NLP Awards

NLP Awards

‘NLP is making a difference…and that difference is you’ – This is the theme of the 2017 NLP International Conference. It seemed like the obvious way to celebrate this was to recognise and honour the difference NLP Professionals are making in all walks of life, on a daily basis, by introducing the NLP Awards.

The idea was sparked by YOU during the Every Voice Counts keynote at the 2016 conference – delegates generously offered their experiences, in answer to the question’ where have you used NLP to help make an impact in someone else’s life?’ There are some real gems in those answers and it is about time we started standing tall and being proud of the successes in our community.

So the NLP Awards are our chance to shout from the rooftops, be proud of the profession we represent and celebrate those who really are using NLP to make a difference out there in the real world.

In our mind, this event is the NLP profession’s equivalent to any other Awards ceremony…an annual celebration of all that is good in our community.

You can nominate yourself, your boss, a work colleague, friend or family member for any of the categories using the nomination form below. Guidelines for completion and submission are also provided below. Deadline for submission is midnight (GMT) on Sunday 18th December 2016.

An independent panel will select up to 3 finalists in each category, and these will be announced by Friday 26th January 2017. The winners will be announced during a black tie charity dinner on Saturday 29th April 2017 at The Park Inn by Radisson, Heathrow. All profits from ticket sales and all proceeds from raffle and donations are going to Help for Heroes.

The Awards Categories are:

NLP Making a Difference – an inclusive category to recognise an individual / organisation that has made a generative difference through their NLP-related contribution to society

NLP in Education – an individual / organisation that who has made a difference to pupils/students, teaching and support staff within the education sector through NLP.  This may be in primary, secondary or tertiary education

NLP in Healthcare - an individual / organisation that who has made a difference to patients, clinical or non-clinical staff within the healthcare sector through NLP.  This includes, for example, hospitals, NHS trusts, care homes, GP practices, dental surgeries, psychotherapy and complementary therapies

NLP in Business -  an individual / organisation that who has made a difference in private sector business to employees, companies or within the business sector generally

NLP Internationally - an individual / organisation that who has made a difference to international communities through NLP

NLP in Public Service & Community - an individual / organisation that has made a difference within public service through NLP.  This includes emergency, armed or volunteer services, local authorities, charities, community groups or other public sector

NLP Lifetime Contribution – an individual who has consistently made an outstanding long term contribution to the field and community of NLP, upholding the spirit of NLP and ethics shared by NLP professionals


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