Clare Church

Clare brought many years’ experience of event planning, organisation and management when she joined the NLP Conference Committee in 2017 as its newest member.

Clare Church

Clare is a Member of the ANLP Council of Generative Wisdom and a Member of the NLP Conference Volunteers.

Clare works with International Training Seminars, which she has been a part of since 2005. Her roles have been varied throughout the organisation and she’s proud to says she’s undertaken pretty much every role within the business – except delivering the training itself, Clare is very much a behind the scenes member of the team and is always one to muck in wherever she is needed.

Overseeing the day to day running of the office team and managing the training events and programmes, Clare prides herself on her organisational skills, attention to detail and customer services. She loves dealing with the wide variety of people who come to the trainings.

Clare says

I’m lucky enough to work with some wonderful and inspiring people who are not just colleagues but friends. It’s a privileged place to be in. I get to see first-hand how the work we do changes and enhances lives and that’s got the be the best job satisfaction you can get.

Clare is often referred to in the team as the ‘Queen of Process’, if there is a plan to be made, she’s the one to make it. Her logistical mind means if there is a better way to do things, she will find it.

A true confession. Clare doesn’t actually have NLP Practitioner certification! (It just never seemed that relevant to her). On the other hand she has been through more than 15 Practitioner Programmes and numerous Master Practitioner and Coaching programmes.

As Clare says,

I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way.

Outside of ITS, Clare is a mum to 2 young children who she adores and loves spending time with. Living Iin a small village close to the sea in Southend means they get to spend a lot of their time going on family trips to the beach and exploring the local area. Clare is a strong believer that mothers can have careers and passions whilst also being fully committed to their familieis - somthing she prides herself in doing every day!

Clare says,

Family time is crucial for me and I’m in a wonderful position: I can spend plenty of time with my family and get paid to do the work I love.

Clare is delighted to be on the Council and supporting ANLP. She very much enjoys working alongside and supporting the NLP Conference team each year and gets a great deal from being surrounded by such inspiring people within the world of NLP.