Dave Woolley

Dave Woolley is the ANLP Regional Ambassador for Staffordshire. Dave previously worked in the NHS and pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years.

Dave Woolley

Dave Woolley is the ANLP Regional Ambassador for Staffordshire.

Dave has over 25 years management experience working in both the NHS and the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry. He is motivated by helping people and organisations achieve changes in both their personal and professional lives.

Dave has worked with individuals and organisations in both the public and private sectors and understands the constraints and opportunities that these working environments present. Working within the NHS at managerial level and within the pharmaceutical industry in management, training and research, he understands the many demands the working environment can present.

Dave brings an enormous skill set to the organisation and has many hundreds of hours of coaching practice with staff at all levels including departmental heads and chief executives. This experience has been gained over sixteen years as a manager, trainer and coach.

Dave says,

I wanted to engage with my local community in a better way and being the ANLP Ambassador has given me the support to get involved. The ANLP Regional Forum in this area was the start of a series I want to develop and ANLP will give me the support I need to reach out.