Eleni Sarantinou

Eleni is the ANLP International Ambassador for Malaysia. Eleni started in the corporate world before deciding to follow her passion for the human mind.

Eleni Sarantinou

Eleni Sarantinou is the ANLP International Ambassador for Malaysia.

After studies in Economics in Greece, a long career in the IT and corporate world in the Netherlands, Eleni decided to follow her passion for the human mind and created Life Spheres. It all started with Life Coaching (Noble Manhattan-UK) and her move to Dubai in 2006 where Eleni came across NLP. Eleni explored and mastered the tools and techniques of NLP by being certified by the American Board of NLP as a Master NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist and Hypnotist. Later, Eleni followed Sue Knight’s NLP Trainers programme.

Of great influence on her model of the world was Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the 'Art of Living' humanitarian organization. The courses Eleni followed in his presence gave her a new sense of direction and re-confirmed the need of service as an indispensable part of her life.

Eleni’s goal and mission is to deliver courses and workshops which make a difference, create shifts in people's thinking and create space for growth. While designing a course, Eleni likes to combine many different theories and ways of thinking and work on options and transformations.

Nowadays, as an Master NLP Coach and NLP Trainer, an Author, Corporate Consultant and Public Speaker, it is a privilege to examine all life spheres that together overlap to determine a person's entire life and Eleni feels blessed to be given a chance to influence lives as well as industries.

It is all about the people, in personal AND professional life. In Eleni's words,

As ANLP Ambassador for Malaysia, I get the credibility of the independent professional body for my field. This gives me the confidence to speak to many people about being professional and seeking out ANLP members who are professional and ethical in their practice and delivery of NLP.

Eleni still enjoys going around in the world, offering courses in Malaysia (where Eleni has lived for the last 7 years) and then flying to the Greek islands, France, the Netherlands, the United states for ....more courses.